guided dance break: moving through anxiety + stress.

one day she decided...

That anxious thoughts weren’t worth her time
That she didn’t have to keep choosing more of the same
That despite some backpedaling into old habits

she could choose to come home to herself at any given moment...

Just by hearing her own breath
Awakening the dormant movement inside of her
Listening for the sound that ignites the spark

dancing freely and fiercely...

In THIS body
In THIS moment
In THIS space

emerging transformed.

This is my wish for you this holiday season, Creative Support.

Without projecting my own interpretation of what “the holiday season” can evoke, I imagine we’ll each have our own experience over these next 2 weeks… whether you’re flying solo or being forced into family situations you’d rather not take part in… whether you’re happily singing Christmas tunes or cursing out the tourists who are walking way too slow and making you miss your train. (don’t you hate when that happens?!)

Here’s a recording of a dance break you can listen to any time you’re feeling anxiety, stress, or a general sense of unrest, and need a few minutes to come home:

listen to your dance break here.

It was recorded last week during one of the group dance breaks I facilitate for my You Can Dance Again program members. You’ll get a taste of a guided dance break from me, plus some really beautiful shares afterwards by the women who took part.

I left that session feeling centered, present, inspired, and more ready to handle the rest of my day. If you choose to listen, I hope it serves a similar purpose.

wishing you and the world peace, love, and dance always,

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