if it wasn’t a “problem,” what would it be?

That crap you’re dealing with at work. 

Deciding whether or not you want to stay in this relationship. 

The habit of STILL saying yes to things you don’t want to do, even after all the self-helping you’ve put yourself through.

Getting ill. 

Getting tax-audited. 


I’m not here to depress you or remind you of all the crap that might be your problem. 

(Although I kinda just did that, but hold up - there’s a reason for it)

I’m here to pose a question for you. 

With any or all of that happening in your world, your version of it… 

If it wasn’t a problem, what would it be?

[pause… think… ponder… ]

How ‘bout a dance. 

Could it be a dance?

Could you see the fallbacks as simply a different way of stepping? 

Could you see the unknown as a wide open studio, with endless possibilities that you might dance into? 

Could you literally still dance that amazing body of yours, in the middle of a giant fucking mess? 

I’m not saying to paint a rainbow over your crap and call it a great day. The reality is that life can be really tough and you shouldn’t always “look on the bright side.”

What I AM saying is that with each metaphorical (and literal) dance we do in this life, there’s space for EVERYTHING: space to feel the really tough emotions, space to move things through you, space to explore, kick, scream, jump, shout, pray. 

In other words, you can dance through it all, and that dance doesn’t always look pretty. 

When you see your so-called problems as dance partners, you can give yourself permission to spin them around, shake them up, listen to them and learn from them, and then get down and dirty and sweaty until you complete the song. 

Channel Patrick Swayze and pull yourself out of the corner to do what you’re here to do:


And here’s MY hand extending into your corner:

Today I’m opening doors for a brand new offering. A short and sweet, yet highly impactful experience that’s meant to get you dancing with your challenges and more fully accessing your personal power and confidence. 

Me + You. 90 minutes. An open studio space. (Or a virtual video studio space.) Time to laser in on a particular challenge you’re working through and/or a particular new super power you’re cultivating.

You’ll walk away (ahem -  dance away) with your own Personal Power Dance sequence. This is a customized, choreographed dance sequence, co-created by both of us, that reflects your personal transformation. You can use it whenever you want a power boost, whenever you need to be reminded of who you are. It's a way to click back into your power and purpose right away - as part of your daily routine, or on an as-needed basis. 

With my whole-hearted attention on you and your current situation, with my unique mix of traditional coaching methods mixed with unconventional dance modalities, I will guide you to open your creative channels, surprise yourself into your body wisdom, and self-define and self-invent as you dance into your answers.

Are you in? 

Click here for all the details. 
(There’s a special, time-sensitive offer for the first 5 people who sign up.) 

Swayze-ing you up