you are made to move.

Next week I’m officially opening up registration for a brand new group experience I’ve created: the best of the best from the past five years of You Can Dance Again combined into one cohesive offering. { Be the first to find out about it! }

The new YCDA experience is the heart and soul of what we as a community have learned, taught, and re-learned – time after time – in the process of reawakening our bodies and our dance, a process I've helped guide so many other women through.

when we dance together, there is no room for hate.
just the pure joy of movement, freedom of connection,
and love in action.

It’s my sincerest hope that you activate your body and dance the dance that YOU are meant to dance.

Not someone else’s dance.
Not the dance you think you should dance.
Not even “dance” literally, if your version of dance takes on a different translation (like: create, make art, launch your business, travel the world, paint, write, etc.) – although why not throw some dance in there anyway?

if something in you feels awakened just by reading this...

If you’ve been getting my emails for a little bit or a long time, if you've had the inkling somewhere inside you to get your body and creative energy in action, follow the path of curiosity and { make sure you’re first to receive the invitation }.

you are made to move.
now go dance it out.

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