are you getting way ahead of yourself?

ever feel like your thoughts are way ahead of your reality? you can see what you want to happen, but wonder why the hell it’s not actually happening? your mind is way ahead of your body and soul?


I do.


My mind thinks its way into potential realities, new realities, unrealities… all by just thinking. Instantaneously I can see what my mind creates.


but my body?


She’s right here on the ground. She’s in this room, sitting on this bed. She takes her time like a cat. She wants to sleep or dance most of the time, and her neck hurts from looking down at that rectangular contraption her hand likes to hold.


and my soul?


She’s somewhere in the middle. I can’t always keep track of her, but I’ve found - through much on and off and trial and error - that I’m closest to her when I’m actually in my body. When my mind quiets down just enough for my body to feel - that’s when my soul lands. Woosh.


And so here’s the thing I’m learning over and over again -


i’m not really gonna get where my mind wants to go by only thinking about it. The thoughts/desires/visions need to be grounded in body and soul.


For me that happens through doing the things, practicing the things, my mind sees.


For instance -


I’ll never make a viral video if I don’t start posting whatever weird video clips want to come through me now.


I’ll never publish my book if I don’t write it. (and for those of you who pre-ordered, thanks for your patience - this is taking way longer than I thought it would!)


I’ll never be on stage in front of thousands if I don’t do the gig in front of 7. Even though I can see myself on stage in front of many, the truth is, my body and soul are not quite ready. I will keep stepping on whatever stage will let me step on it until I get there, though. And each time I do, I become more and more ready.


Because, again, thinking about it alone will not create the visceral experience of the practice. Only the practice of the creative work itself can.


what do you see in your future?


And how can you get it going in your body and soul now?


Tell me. I’m listening.

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