3 steps to getting out of a rut

Remember last week when I dished something really personal about my love life?


Well now I’m here to share about the aftermath of that experience. The crash, so to speak.


For me it’s been a combo of:


jet lag

jury duty

rainy cold weather

not making time to dance

and feeling a “vulnerability hangover,” as Brene Brown calls it.


It leaves me feeling lethargic, unmotivated and scared to re-engage with the world.

It makes me delay writing this post to you until the very last minute.

It makes me want to watch the complete second season of New Girl (my latest Netflix obsession) by tonight.

It’s not pretty, but it’s real.

This “blah” feeling often happens after a big success or a big moment of putting oneself out there. Whether you get praise or punches or a combination of both, the aftermath is usually when the inner critical voices come lurking:

“You shouldn’t have said so much. People will not like you.”

“You could’ve done better.”

“You’ll never do something cool again, so just stop trying.”

Sometimes there aren’t even words involved, it’s the just “blah” feeling that overtakes everything and even makes getting out of bed feel like a chore.

Here’s what I think about it:

It’s part of the natural cycle of life to have ups and downs. If you feel awesome and put yourself out there in a big way, you might have a moment of retraction after.

I think it’s ok to feel “blah” but if it becomes a habit or lasts too long, then there are a few things you can do:

1. Reach out to friends. The simple act of calling someone up to talk about stuff can be so freeing. Knowing you’re not alone. Remembering the world is wider than your little bubble of blah.

2. Ease your way into movement. You may not feel motivated enough to hit up a dance party, but maybe doing a yoga video at home would loosen up your body and get you out of your head. Long walks with a great playlist can be equally amazing.

3. Channel your feelings into art. Making something or taking in creative inspiration are fabulous ways to get out of a rut. Experiment and do something with yourself. Cut out stuff from magazines and make a collage. Draw something. Write a poem. Make a dance. Go to a museum. Surround yourself with creativity and you’re bound to find an opening within yourself.

And don’t forget, I’m here for you.

Tell me how you’re doing in the comments below, or better yet set up a complimentary phone consultation to talk in more depth about what you’re going through how I could be of support.

You might feel alone, but I assure you, you’re not.

So if you happen to be commiserating today in the blah-blah zone, high-five!

I think you’re great.

to rolling with the hills and valleys,


p.s. Since sometimes dance videos can make everything feel better, here’s one that I hope will make you smile. (It’s certainly helping me today!)