Dance Classes That Don’t Suck: Adult Beginners in NYC + Brooklyn

adult beginner ballet brooklyn

I hear it all the time: where the hell can I find adult beginner dance classes that don’t suck?

You know, the ones that aren’t filled with fresh-out-of-high-school, eager young dancers who make you feel ancient. The ones that don’t feel cliquey and exclusive and full of regulars who make you feel irregular. The ones that focus less on technique and cardio, and more on fun. And oh, the ones that actually go at a slower paced beginner level - because so many seem to move so fast!

These were EXACTLY the questions that I was asking myself (and Google) ten years ago when I first wanted to return to dance.

You see, I had quit ballet when I was 19 years old, and fast forward to age 26… I felt way too intimidated to show up to a place like Broadway Dance Center . There seem to be so many adult beginner dance classes in NYC, yet not many of them seem approachable when you are feeling out of practice - and out of shape. Not to mention, so many of them focus on cardio and fitness, and sometimes (ok most of the time) I don’t want to do cardio for an hour… I just miss the feeling of 5-6-7-8!… learning a dance for the fun, creativity, and self-expression of it.

All of those reasons led me to start dancing alone in my room (because, hey, sometimes your teddy bear is the only audience you want). Years later, I created the You Can Dance Again program, because I started to meet others who were also wanting to get back into dance in an approachable way that emphasized collaboration and self-expression.

Today, our adult beginner (and returning) dance classes are still thriving.

Our members keep coming back because of the welcoming atmosphere, the combo of structure and freedom in the classes, and the option to work on dances over time - and even get on stage with them!

adult beginner dance class nyc jess you can dance again
our  You Can Dance Again  crew after the last theater showcase

our You Can Dance Again crew after the last theater showcase

adult beginner dance class nyc you can dance again

Are you looking for adult beginner dance classes in NYC + Brooklyn?

Check out this list for some ideas to best fit who you are:

Want a big facility with a big variety to choose from? Mark Morris (in Brooklyn), Gibney (in Manhattan), and  Alvin Ailey (in Manhattan) are all fantastic studios and probably the most beginner-friendly of all the big studio options out there.

Want a smaller facility with a more personal vibe? Dancewave (in Brooklyn) has a pretty good variety, including straight up beginner modern and their new improv jam, while Breakin Boundaries (in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) has unique and creatively curated classes like “Vixen” and “Feels Pretty Awesome,” which emphasize healing and fun.

Want to feel like you’re in a music video? Sass Class (in Manhattan) offers sexy, sassy vibed class series, which end in an actual music video shoot!

Want to learn steps + dance with a partner? Have you tried out different ballroom dance styles? I haven’t done much of it, but I hear it’s super fun.

Want a free-flowing, spiritual kind of dance club experience? Styles like 5Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance have been a staple for years. For free flowing dancers who like that vibe, but in more of a club setting, you must check out the DayBreaker and The Get Down parties.

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Want to try ballet (or get back into ballet) in an approachable, actual beginner setting? My beginning ballet classes at Studio Maya (in Brooklyn) and Brooklyn Center Stage are truly at a beginner level, and stay true to the technique and fundamentals of ballet. We make it fun. Choose between classical or contemporary-ish. Come on in and try it out.

Want a highly personalized, welcoming environment in which you can reclaim your creativity and inner dancer? You Can Dance Again is more than a class or a company - it’s a true movement. Combining basic jazz/modern technique, guided improv, and collaborative choreography with an emphasis on self-expression, we set up each 10-week series to take you on a journey, create a dance that builds week to week, and help you feel included in a community. Each series culminates in an optional performance. All levels, styles, and bodies are welcomed. Our next series starts September 16th and registration is open now!

adult beginner dance classes nyc

I’d personally looooove to see you in the studio if you feel called, but whatever you do, please keep dancing YOUR dance!

to the movements that move us,