your go-to list for creative gift ideas

Whether you’re looking to stick to a budget, avoid consumer culture, or just simply reignite your creative spark this holiday season, I hope these ideas will inspire your process.

photo or video keepsakes

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At your next event, don't forget your camera! Photo and video footage of epic moments can easily become keepsake items for gift-time. Websites like Shutterfly allow you to customize calendars, mugs, cards, t-shirts, etc. with your own photos. Better yet, put the photos in a DIY Snow Globe.

A new tradition I've created for all the young ones in my family: Instead of getting them each a random gift or toy, I invite them to a "Movie Making Party" in which everyone gets to be part of a fun creative process. After, I edit the footage together to create an awesome video that the kids and parents can watch and have forever as a keepsake. (Much longer lasting than Go-Go My Walking Pup, ya know?)


 create an experience

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Giving someone an object is great, but spending time experiencing it together can be even greater. For kids or adults, art supplies and projects of various kinds can be an inspiring way to share a lasting memory.

Try the bargain aisle at Barnes & Noble - I always manage to find those boxed sets of make-your-own-anything, from origami to music lessons.



give an experience


Another way to go is to give someone an experiential gift - tickets to a show, a class card for a yoga or dance studio, or membership to a program that they would love.

Might I suggest my Find Your Rhythm program? It's a series of 6 dance video classes and coaching lessons that guides you back into your creative flow. I'm bringing it back at a special price this holiday season, so it's the perfect time give that gift! Click here to get the details.


shop small

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Support artists, artisans, and small businesses and get gifts that are really unique and really meaningful. Check out Etsy for personalized gifts, crafts, vintage stuff, and more.




get crafty

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If time allows, get some supplies at your local arts & crafts store or use found items to make a bunch of gifts. Make your own chapstick or candles. Or search Pinterest for more ideas!





What are your go-to creative gift ideas?

Please share with us in the comments below!