guidance for moving through transition

As the seasons around us begin to transition out of summer and into fall, many of us are also going through various kinds of life transitions. Maybe you, too?


In our You Can Dance Again class last Wednesday, I guided everyone to explore transitions with their dancing -- what does it feel like move quickly or slowly from one movement to the next? what happens when you physically resist transitioning your body? what happens when you joyfully leap into the next part?


Based on the collective feedback of the group and my own insights here’s what we gathered:


  1. It feels more easeful, free, and fun when you stop thinking so much about transitioning and just let yourself dance. Because after awhile everything starts to feel like a transition and it can get exhausting to examine each and every movement, versus just letting it all flow naturally.


  1. The more resistance you put into it, the more tension is created, and therefore you’ll experience a more powerful of an opening when you finally let yourself break through.


Isn’t dance a metaphor for life?


As you enter into the weekend, think about the following:


  • Are you over-thinking anything? Where can you surrender to the flow of life?

  • Are you resisting anything? What would happen if you finally just let go?


Feel free to do the dance shuffle solution after asking those questions.

Then share more in the comments below if you want a sounding-board or just want to bring things to the surface.

I’ll leave you with a short poem I wrote the other day:


Somewhere between gung-ho and hold-up,

Somewhere between dancing forward and wiggling fitfully through the kinks and cobwebs,

Somewhere between what is to come and what has been lost,

Somewhere in there, she lands.


jess at beach I’m sending so much love to you, no matter what kind of transitions or in-between moments you might be navigating. Remember to keep dancing through it all. You're not alone.


dancing with you,