how to overcome self-doubt

Over the table of a group coffee hang-out, one of my best friends was practically in tears as she told us about her 4th grant application that got rejected. She’s an accomplished choreographer who is constantly making and performing awesome work, and she also lives a life of travel and freedom. Total success in my book.


But she was feeling terrible about herself because she was applying to things and not being accepted. She asked us for words of encouragement.


We all have been there.


The moment where we say:


“What was I thinking? I’m not good enough to try and do this...”

“Of course my application got rejected...I’m terrible.”

“Why did I even start this project in the first place?”


Self-doubt is real and palpable. It can swoop in and convince you that the dream that once felt so possible and exciting is a load of crap and you should just quit now.


So do you listen to that voice or what?


Self-doubt is a normal part of being human and being an artist, and if you learn to expect it and handle it in the right way, it doesn’t have to derail you for too long.


If you’re feeling bad about yourself and your talent, you don’t need to quit, you don’t need to wallow and feel bad about yourself for weeks on end.


What you need is a friend to remind you that you’re great.

...To remind you to dust off your jeans and get back up again because you have important work to do in this world.


It really can be as simple as that.


In case you don’t have a friend to call in this moment, let me help you.


A couple of months ago a video popped into my inbox from a dear friend in Washington DC. It was made for her daughter Azalea by her best friend Seneca.


And it goes like this:

Just what you needed to hear? I thought so.


I was so touched by this video - by the thoughtfulness of this 8 year old girl and the bravery and love that she shared with her friend - and I was so curious to hear more. So I got in touch with Seneca’s mom Michelle to ask her more about the video and to see if Seneca would be open to talking with me. She was.


So below is a brief interview I did with Seneca - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


After you watch, please leave your comments for us below!

I’m sure Seneca would love to hear the impact her dance video is making.


And remember, in the words of a wise soul -


“Follow your dream...You don’t have to be someone that you’re not to impress someone.” ~ Seneca


be brave, be bold, be you,