if it feels forced, it doesn’t fit.

The photo you see here of me and Mochi, the 6-month-old puppy, is part of the reason why I didn’t write to you last Friday.

Puppy-sitting for a week turns out to be quite the job (along with the million other personal things that seemed to come up in the same week… and I have a sense I’m not alone in that sentiment!)

But beyond the puppy -

What I had planned to write - the start of a 5-part series on the roadblocks to dancing and creating - just felt BLAH to me. And I felt ashamed to admit it and to back out of what I had said I would write.

The idea of plotting ahead and delivering you these emails one by one, although it seemed compelling at first, just felt dry and lifeless once I saw them on the screen.

As much as I try to be “ahead of the game” I find that I really can’t force it.

The conclusion I came to:

I will not compromise my authentic expression just because of a plan or formula that seems to be the “smart” thing to follow. (Because doesn’t a 5-part series leading up to a book launch sound like something a marketing guru would approve??)

There are certain parts of my creative life that like to be left spontaneous.

The more spontaneous, the more compelling, in my opinion.

So here I am. I didn’t plan this post. I’m just writing to you. I’m showing up.

The only “roadblock to dancing or creating” that feels authentic for me to share right now is the one that I experienced myself last week:

Trying to force yourself into a box or do something the “right” way can crush your true expression.

Why not be YOU instead? Why not do the things that truly light you up?

If it feels forced, it doesn’t fit.

You might not know what does fit yet, but you don’t have to figure it out alone.

When I get to the place of feeling frustrated that things aren’t fitting, feeling antsy or anxious, feeling blah about the ideas I’m tossing around, feeling pressed for time to get it all figured out…

Here’s what I do:

I scrap the plan.

I take a dance break.

I make sure I’m getting the support I need and not defaulting to the “do it all myself” mentality that keeps me stuck.

(Which is why I’m currently bringing on different kinds of support: to midwife my book publishing process, to get my voice and messaging clear, to get my body in alignment, and to continue staying true to myself.)

You can do the same.

If you recognize the need to get back to yourself authentically, If you’re feeling like something isn’t quite fitting, If you’re having trouble dancing into your answers alone,

I invite you to reach out.

I’m opening a few spots next week for complimentary Creative Guidance Sessions, 1-1 phone time with me to explore where you’re stuck, what you desire, and how you could shake off whatever is holding you back to get to your next level of fulfillment and creative expression.

No B.S. No strings attached. Just you, me, and our higher selves getting real.

The offer is available until May 1st. Contact me here if you'd like to set one up and I'll get back to you asap.

to unforcing your freest expression,