a letter to the part of you that doubts yourself

Just write (dance/sing/paint/create/insert-your-passion-here)!


Stop getting distracted. You’re thinking way too much and you need to come back down to Earth. You need to.


One thing at a time.


Start by celebrating what you’ve already created, accomplished, overcame.

Celebrate it. Take it in. It’s great. Stop thinking.


Stop thinking.






The world needs you to dance. Ok?


Spread the love and joy. It’s time.


It’s time.


You hold the key to unlocking dreams. Yours and others. You are ready.


You are so ready.

For abundance and love and wholeness and fulfillment.

Fulfillment with just enough yearning.


You can learn from your mistakes. You grow. You thrive.


This will all come together.


You are grand.

Take your space.

It’s time to make space.


Go ahead.

Put yourself out there.


It’s time.


Don’t hold back. The world truly needs you.


Shine your light. Be you.


Trust your own power.


It is there and waiting to be accessed if you let it.


Create something, already.


We’re waiting.

showcase collage

p.s. need a nudge in the direction of your creativity? click here to send me a note and set up a time to talk. I'm known for seeing things in you that you didn't even know you were possible. plus, I have a few openings in my upcoming programs waiting to be filled by passionate creatures who are so ready to stop settling for an unfulfilled existence.