meet the artists: TAP clients share their stories

In anticipation of our Showcase on June 20th, 4 members of my TAP group program will be sharing more about their experience so far and what you can expect to see of their work!

It has been such an honor to work with each of them, and I couldn't be more proud and jazzed to introduce you to them here!


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Hanna Agar, Photographer

Hanna Agar Self PortraitOne of the main things that has shifted in me since starting the TAP program is a shift and clarity in how I think about myself and my photography.  For a long time I have been going through the motions, squeezing in my personal work, juggling a million other jobs, trying to pay the bills.  I wasn’t taking the time to actually think about my own photography or why I was doing it or what it meant to me and what it could mean to others.


At one point during a one-on-one phone call with Jess, after hearing some lack of enthusiasm about a project I was planning, she asked me, “What are you really passionate about?”  I had to really stop and think about that, which made me freak out a little because I should know that right?


This program has made me have to stop and think.  To meditate on what I am really feeling and doing.  What I am really working towards and what I really want to express.  It seems obvious I’m sure, but I realized I had not been taking any time to really process and think about who I was as an artist.  Once I started taking that time I feel so much more clarity around my work.


Taking that time also helped ease some of my stress and anxiety around work and life and has allowed me to be more present and relaxed when I have a weekend off or a trip home.


With the realization that much of what I have been avoiding or lacking is that inward look I decided to do a series of self portraits using some of my favorite objects that I have collected over the years.  I am trying to embody and embrace my history and my quirks and allowing my emotions to be released.  There may be some miniature animals; there may be some armor.  In embracing my work and connecting my interests I have realized that my style has developed to be a little bit silly, a little surreal.


To view Hana's work visit: and her blog:

And don't forget to join her on Facebook & Instagram!

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Marikit Catalano, Dancer

Marikit CatalanoSince starting the Thriving Artist's Program (TAP), I've rekindled my passion for dance as an outlet for emotion and self-expression.

Throughout my TAP journey, I've become more confident in myself and my abilities, more vocal, and more connected to myself and others.  

At the TAP Showcase on June 20th, I'll be performing a dance piece.  My choreography is a modern take on the ancient art of belly dance and explores the emotional experience of letting go.



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Nanya-Akuki Goodrich,

Edutainer / Performing Artist / Creative Writer / Teaching Artist

Co-Founder of Re-write(s) of Passage Ensemble


Nanya- AkukiThrough the TAP Program, I’ve gained  clarity around who I am as an artist. Additionally, I’ve gathered some excellent tools and practices that are helping me blossom into a more a thriving artist as opposed to merely surviving as one.


Whether comedic, dramatic, or a delicious mix of both I’m  most often inspired to use my artistry to talk back to the world, give voice to the voiceless and share lesser heard viewpoints, while spurring critical thinking, upliftment and deeper connections to humanity among my audiences.


Check out Nanya-Akuki’s Theater Company here:

Rewrites of Passage Ensemble and on here on Facebook


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Vanessa Rubio, Actress, Visual Artist, Singer


vanessa rubioThroughout the TAP Program, I have become more active and comfortable in reclaiming my purpose, my own worth, and the use of my power. I also took the pressure off of myself to create something "perfect" or "larger-than-life." I feel on more friendly terms with my creative process. My creativity feels more like a process I channel and am a part of, and less "mysterious".


Jess encouraged me to define my purpose and use powerful statements to keep the fire going, like -"I am the Star of my agency!" which helped me feel more comfortable being a star! While it continues to boost my self confidence, I also feel more at home in this position, where as before I was at times hesitant to fully embody it.


I am more aware of how I handle my creativity. I am more aware of procrastination and when I am holding back. I am hanging my artwork up more, judging myself less, and having more fun in art making. I started a new series of watercolors which I enjoy making immensely.

I started sharing more on social media, which led to art sales and more interest in my art. In acting I saw I booked more work! So far I booked two national commercials, one international commercial, and a role in an independent comedy.


For the Showcase I am celebrating the watercolor series and what I feel it has given me.


My work can be accessed here: VeedaRubio and here: VanessaRubio


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If you're reading this and feeling inspired and wondering how the TAP Program can help YOU, click here to read more and set up a call with me.  I can't wait to connect!