you don’t have to have all the answers in order to take the first step.

In the last 5 years of doing creativity coaching as a profession, I’ve talked to MANY people about what blocks them from creating.

The most common response often sounds something like this:

“The real project I want to make (or the dream role as an artist I want to have) is going to take a lot of resources/courage/time/money and it seems way bigger than what I can handle, so I stop myself from doing anything.”

Not feeling far enough along.

Comparing yourself to what other artists are doing (better, with more reach, and earlier than you, most likely).

Not knowing where to start.

The best news ever is that none of that matters.

If there is something you want to create, you only have to worry about taking the first step.

One step at a friggin time.

Sure, planning and launching a Kickstarter and hiring a team and setting up a goals spreadsheet can all happen at some point, but all that’s a distraction unless you’re actually taking creative steps.

There is no substitute for doing the actual work.

You want to write a book?

Jot down the first chapter during your morning train commute.

You want to leave your job and do something more creative?

Make more time to create small projects NOW.

Does that scare you and do you have a million excuses as to why you can’t?

I’m sure you do. Because the real thing holding you back is mostly likely the fear of just doing it and sharing something you create with the world.

That’s the scary stuff. Because when you do it, you’re actually putting a real, vulnerable part of you out into the world.

I want to invite you to do it anyway.

The sense of fulfillment and what it will open up for you is well worth the uncomfortable feeling of getting started.

It’s like that analogy of driving through fog -

You sometimes can only see a few feet in front of you, but that’s really all you need to get where you’re meant to go.

If that’s enough to motivate you, then go ahead and stop reading this blog post and create something.

(and please share it with me after, because I’d love to see!)

If you feel like you need a boost or a bit of guidance, you’re in luck.

danswersOn December 20th, I’m hosting a live and interactive online group guidance session, called Dance Into Your Answers.

While these specialized group coaching calls are reserved only for active coaching clients, I’m making this one open to the public for the first time ever, for a minimal fee of $20.

During the session you’ll receive:

  • Movement exercises and tools for dancing through the holidays and into the new year in a healthy and aligned way

  • Seasonal guidance for working WITH your body and natural cycles, rather than against them, so that you can move forward into 2017 in a creative and productive way

  • Connection, community and love

  • Time for Q&A and personal coaching directly from me and the group

  • Deep personal takeaways that will light you up on the darkest night of the year

You can choose to be live on video with us to see and be seen, or to call in and just listen if you prefer a more private experience.

[button link="" size="large" color="aqua" window="yes"]Sign up here.[/button]

It would be an honor to take this blog conversation into something live and interactive! Yea!!

dancing into the answers with you,


p.s. I recently was interviewed about my “dance into your answers” concept, something that is very in line with the topic for today’s post.

Check it out if you want to hear a bit more about this philosophy and how my personal creative practice of making little dance videos has expanded into a new career and focus for my life.

I think you’ll LOVE Michael Ian Cedar and The Legacy of You, as well as the fun conversation and dance break we shared! It’s bound to inspire something in you.

legacy of you interview michael ian cedar and jess grippo