thinking vs. doing: carolyn's story of transformation through dance

If dance is a mirror for life - which I happen to believe to be true - then one of the things I’ve learned is that you have to start moving your body if you want to make stuff happen. You can’t just think things into reality.

vision boardIf you’ve ever learned about vision boards and the Law of Attraction, you might be familiar with the concept of visualizing things in an effort to manifest them in your life. For example, you want to make more money so you visualize your bank account with more money in it every day until it happens.

That’s kind of a simplified version, and I’m sure there are Law of Attraction experts who can give you more details, but you get the gist.

If you take it a step further, you might have learned that just visualizing things isn’t enough. You have to FEEL them to make them happen. Thanks to the work of Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map, we see how this is possible.

What if there were a third layer?

The movement layer. The dance layer. The move-it-through-your-body-til-you-lose-your-mind layer.

I’m really interested in that layer.

The more I’ve challenged myself to get out there and dance - anyplace, anywhere, but also just in the privacy of my room - the more I’ve felt confident to take actions in other areas of my life. I’ve seen this to be true with my clients, too.

Don’t just visualize what you want. Feel it in your body, and then move it through your body. Dance it out. Let ‘er rip.

jessandcarolynIn a moment you’ll hear more from my client Carolyn, who just completed the Thriving Artist’s Program with me. In 9 months she went from “living a life paved by others” to stepping into her truth and full expression as a dancer, choreographer, and coach. So much of our process together was helping her break through the crap that was in the way of her taking action. Step by step, dance by dance, her life took on the shape of what was inside of her.

I want the same for you. I want you to dance into your truth and stop getting caught up in your head. This is how we’ll collectively make a positive impact on this planet.

If you happen to be in the NYC area, I’m teaching classes and workshops that you can join - a perfect way to get that action flowing! You can also check out Carolyn’s classes on the West Coast!

So continue reading to check out Carolyn’s Showcase interview and dance video and share in the comments below how it inspires you to take action with your own dreams and passions.

through the body and into the world,


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Thriving Artists Program Showcase, featuring:

Marie Carolyn Gatus, Dancer/Choreographer, Life Coach

Learn more about Carolyn's work here at her website and check out her Meetup Group: Movement Reflective


“I feel so much more connected to Who I Am and am a thousand times more clear in expressing my truth.”


10644773_1481095585483658_6376553881062989654_oBefore working with Jess, I was struggling with allowing my creativity to flow.  I wasn't even acknowledging that I was creative at all.  I was suppressing it consciously and unconsciously always being too busy or feeling like it wasn't important enough to give time for.  I was living a life paved by others and I thought I would be living that way for the rest of my life.  And yet, my Creative Self kept calling, yearning to come out.

It had been 10 years since I danced from my heart at the time I met Jess, and it seemed like such a distant memory.


I still can't believe and yet I DO BELIEVE IT, within 9 months I choreographed 2 pieces that were near and dear to my heart and performed these two pieces in front of a supportive audience on two separate days.  I also created a Meetup group that meets every few weeks, where men and women can gather in person or virtually to express their souls through free movement dance.  I loved the fact that I was able to meld my interests in spirituality with my love of dance.  I never thought that would be possible for me, and yet it became so.


I also launched my work as a coach during the TAP program. I conducted a teleseminar which I had never done before and a class at Whole Foods that included using Movement for Beauty.  After the class, I was booked for another class and will be doing more workshops locally and online regarding the meaning of having movement in our lives.  I am also in the process of creating a course on Reflective Movement which I hope to release very soon.  It's all been such an exciting journey and has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me.  I couldn't have done it all without Jess.  I am so truly grateful.


Jess is an amazing guide.  She understood all my fears about making a living dancing, about being accepted, about being creatively stagnant, about giving value to my passion, about navigating through changes in my relationships because of choosing to live from the heart.  She has been through it and knew the exact words to say to keep me focused and creating as well as to be gentle with myself when I'm not feeling still be open to inspirations.  She understood the cycles creative artists go through and lovingly guided me through it.  I trusted her and valued her support and guidance.


Most importantly, she helped me release so much of the pain and conditioning that blocked my creative flow and challenged me to connect deeper with my feelings and voice them through my art of dancing.  I feel so much more connected to Who I Am and am a thousand times more clear in expressing my truth.  The creative well was tapped open and will forever continue to flow.

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Does Carolyn's story inspire YOU?

If so, I invite you to check out the Thriving Artist's Program and apply here. Imagine what would open up in your life if you were expressing your truth and connected to the creative well inside of you.