this one’s for you if you facilitate groups or want to (it’s time sensitive! open up)

Every so often I like to share with you resources and tools from other experts that have transformed my creativity and business on such a deep level that I’m compelled to spread the love. Today is one of those days.

I want to share with you a training that I know you would love so much and receive so much from. Especially since I know many of you are teaching, coaching, or facilitating groups - or want to move more in that direction.

First let me tell you about the teacher behind it:

Joanna Lindenbaum is a master coach who I had the honor of being mentored by for 6 years. From 2010 to 2015 I took part in her coaching programs and can say confidently that her guidance was what gave me the skills, confidence, and internal transformation necessary to be able to start and grow my own business successfully and sustainably - and to be able to help others do the same through my coaching practice and programs.

Taking part in her rituals and live group experiences in particular (which I’m SO excited to get to do again next week) was one of my favorite parts. There have been numerous breakthroughs that happened in those sessions with her, which opened up something on such a deep level that my art, business, and life were transformed once I left.

This doesn’t happen with just anyone. Joanna is the real deal. And what’s so cool is that she teaches this stuff to other coaches, teachers, and group facilitators. (Don’t we all want to create this kind of impact with our students and clients?!)

Ok. So back to this training I wanted to share with you -

The 4-hour training itself is called The Ritual & Facilitation Mastery Workshop, and it is AMAZING.

Here’s the info:

Through the training Joanna shares literally hundreds of tools to be able to level up your events, retreats, workshops and coaching immediately. This is the stuff that creates deep, transformational results for your clients/students and leads to more clients that sign on with you over and over again.

The 4-hour Workshop is happening next month, and Joanna is offering a special rate of $97 until midnight EST tonight before it goes up by 3.

I wanted you to know about this because it truly is a gift.

(And I wouldn’t be sharing it with you here if I didn’t deeply believe that!)

As a bonus for the activist and humanist in you, Joanna is donating 30% of the proceeds from this workshop (where she teaches powerful Facilitation principles that are based on Ceremony) to legal fees to help win back Standing Rock as sacred land for the Native Americans and as a symbol that Mother Earth is a top priority.

Get the details and sign up here:

I’ll be back next week with our usual Creative Fridays post!

In the meantime, remember that your authenticity and learning how to express it will ultimately lead to success in your art, business, and relationships.

Keep being your authentic self and align yourself with the guides and communities who will support its expression fully.

in it with you,