to the ones in the trenches

This one goes out to the ones in the trenches. The ones pushing wheelchairs, changing diapers, caregiving, trying to keep up with work and bills, running on little sleep.


This one goes out to the ones who feel cheated of the time and resources to do the wild and creative things they used to dream of, the ones who put their own spotlight on hold to help someone else shine.


Here’s a message for you:


Know that you are seen, you are appreciated, you are loved.


Know that your whole life is a work of art.

While you may not have time to do “artistic” things - while you may not have time to do much of anything but the basics - you are still a creation in process, as well as a muse.


Let yourself express however you can.

Sob when you need to, sing loudly in the car, laugh whenever possible.

Treasure the in-between moments. That time is yours.

Listen to music.

Seek beauty amidst the pain.

See your own beauty.



And if you need something, please ask.



We never know what the cycles of life will bestow on us.

Spring is often a time of loss and change and renewal.


If you’re in a rough spot, know that it’s part of a larger cycle and it won’t last forever. Take in the words above.

If you’re relatively ok, celebrate and utilize your time and freedom. Instead of feeling guilty, own it. You’ll be able to share and help others so much more when you are doing what you need to do for yourself.


Don’t wait another day to do something you love or tell someone they are loved.


Share this with someone who needs to hear it.

And share your comment below.


dancing through the cycles,



p.s. happy birthday, mom! you inspire me.