we need your dance.

Allow me to throw something raw out there this week.

Allow me to share without a formulated blog post, without any sort of agenda, without fanfare.

Just with words that have been marinating in my belly for years.

Words that had the opportunity to resonate in the presence of other humans for the first time a month ago, within the sacred container of a trusted group of women.

Here’s what I want to say:

I believe that returning to dance in your own way is a radical act of reclaiming your power.

I say “returning” because whether or not you know it, the dance was always in you.

It was in you long before “The Patriarchy” came around and started making it so that Dance had all these rules: ways you are supposed to look, rules, regulations, sizes, auditions, competitions, expectations, the approval of an outside eye.

Before all of that, dance was simply and truly the way that your soul got to play, through the outlet of this gorgeous earthly vessel we call your body. There was a time when your body was worshipped, when dance was a sacred ritualistic act.

It's not crazy or frivolous that the desire to dance is in you. It's natural and it’s timely.

In our modern world where women's bodies are not fully valued, where women’s bodies are under siege by the media and politics, we desperately need truth tellers, we desperately need dancers.

So the next time you hear those voices in your head thinking you’re too out of shape to dance, not good enough, that you missed your chance…

Remember those voices are just the socially constructed voices in your head that are trying to knock you down and keep you out of your power by judging the shit out of yourself for just wanting to be free again.

Don’t let them get you down.

Rise up and let that body move.

We. Need. Your. Dance.

Do whatever you can to let it move through you.

End rant.

in solidarity with your dancing soul,

p.s. I will be leading a day-long immersion in NYC on Saturday June 24th, which was birthed out of everything I just shared. If you are craving more activation around this theme of reclaiming your power through dance, drop your name here. (I haven’t finished publishing the full details, but you’ll be first to know when I do if you enter your info there.)