what destroyed you can save you

Dance once destroyed me:


The battered toes.


The worries and woes.


Tunnel vision.


Heavy competition.


Bananas for lunch.


Broccoli for dinner.


Painful knees.


More stretching, please.

But dance also saved me:


The lonely nights.


Avoiding fights.


The boredom.


The freedom.


The choice to self-express


Instead of self-medicate.


The purpose that led me.


The feeling that connected me.


People who were true.


Realizing I had a voice, too.




Dance - or any creative, expressive outlet - can be your medicine.


Even if you had painful memories from ballet class, or got rejected at an audition and decided there wasn’t a place for you, it’s still possible to reinvent dance for yourself.

I know because I did it. And if I can do it, so can you.


It starts with one step. One small decision to do something you’ve never done before -


Maybe you find humor in the midst of a tough day.

Maybe you doodle a funny picture on the subway instead of filling in your to-do list.

Maybe you ask someone to dance unexpectedly.


Choose to dance. Choose to create something. And little by little, you’ll save your own life.

What's one way you're expressing yourself creatively these days?


Tell me in the comments below and let's help each other thrive.


to dancing through it all,



For the last time this year, I'm offering my You Can Dance Again small group program.


JessGrippo_Day1-126-PROOFThe NYC in-person group is now full, butthere are still 3 spots open in the online program.


We start Wednesday 11/11.


One of the spots might be yours if:

  • you know you want to dance more, but have been lacking the motivation, support, confidence, community, etc, to do so

  • you already dance, but recognize that you hold yourself back from going full out or being seen for who you really are. or maybe you often get stuck in negative body image, self-criticism, and other patterns that don't feel good and you want to move through them.

  • you want to discover a dance world that feels freeing, fun, and accepting of you and your body just as it is

There are a few reasons why NOW is the right time to join:


1. You've been making excuses for far too long, so just suck it up and get support. You can keep saying you'll get to class, but will you, really? This program will help you get to the bottom of what's been stopping you from dancing more and give you the tools to START.


ycdascreenshot2. There will be under 20 people in this group and the sessions are live. This means you can get lots of personal attention, support, and accountability. We will see each other on video every week. It's not the kind of program you'll sign up for and forget about - you'll get to be an active member and have your voice heard in the group if you choose.


3. We frankly don't know if we'll be here tomorrow. Life is short, as they say. Are you going to create your life or let it pass you by? Again, enough is enough with the excuses for not dancing and taking action.

Here's how it works -


Click here to review all the details, then click the green button under the Online Program option and sign up!


Once you do, I'll send you a welcome email with all the info you'll need to get started.


--> Sessions are Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm EST and they are recorded in case you can't make it there live.


--> We dance for part of the session, and then we dive into discussion around the 4 specific themes you'll see listed on the program page.


--> You'll have a guidebook to write in as you go through the process, specially designed by me to provide you with important writing prompts and materials.

Bottom line -


The You Can Dance Again program is a community in which each dancer is celebrated for their uniqueness and encouraged to not only physically move and get past what's stopping them, but to express themselves and create something meaningful.


I've poured my heart and dancing soul into it, utilizing the best parts of my coaching and dancing experience into a step-by-step package that gets you moving in more ways than one.


The only thing missing from it is YOU.


Click here to read more, sign up, and take ownership of the unique dancer you truly are.

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