when it feels like it’s all too much to handle

It’s almost too much to handle.

Busting at the seams with passion and desire and anger and love and a voice that wants to be heard and…..



And yet.

And yet where is the outlet? How does this storm of emotions and truth channel itself through me?

I saw my mom have an utter meltdown. At the dinner table with extended family. Crying and shouting in her protest against Trump, trying to get through to the other family members at the table who didn’t seem to feel as strongly.

She got up and moved to the other room where I sat beside her, embracing her shaking body that felt like it had just been through a trauma.

It’s rare when I see my mother totally give in to her emotions, since she lives so much of her life in her rational brain. But when it comes out, it really comes out.

For years I’ve been gently and not so gently cajoling my mother to find an outlet. She’s a talented writer and a passionate woman with an intelligent mind, a body that holds stories, and a soul that gets easily trodden but always rises up.

She doesn’t have it easy. Her life is consumed by doctors appointments and caretaking my father and taking out the garbage and balancing her checkbook.

It breaks my heart because I want her to feel free. I often feel guilty for the freedom I have when she seems to struggle so much. And after trying so so hard for so so long to help, to inspire, to motivate, to troubleshoot, to somehow fix her life and help her find an outlet, I’ve realized that it’s out of my control. It’s still a process of making peace with the fact that I can’t fix everything. I can take action in my own life, I can help if is help is asked for, and I can continue guiding the people who seek out my professional services. And I can love my mother for who she is, exactly where she is.

I share this with you not to get sympathy but to make a point. About our passions and emotions and the channels we can choose or not choose to put them through.

This election season has shaken my mother on a deep level, and it seems like she’s finally taking the steps to channel her passions and beliefs into action. I’ll be marching in NYC with her on Saturday.

And given all the circumstances, I’m more motivated than ever to take a stand for something I believe in deeply: women’s bodies.

Here’s what’s hitting me over the head like a ton of bricks:

As women we are mush if we don’t have structured channels.

It’s great to swim in the mush for a while and feel feel feel all the things. It’s necessary.

And then there comes a time where it needs to pour out of us in a productive, channeled way.

Through the container of a phone call or a dance class. Through words on a page or movement in an empty studio. Through a march. Through art in any form.

Let me ask you -

What’s your container? What’s your channel for this expression? What’s your outlet?

And have you been practicing it?

(And if you don’t feel like you have that emotional mush of stuff inside of you right now, I can tell you it’s even more reason to seek an outlet because it IS in you. It’s just been buried.)

I have an invitation for you.

If you missed my email a couple of days ago, I’ll remind you that I’m currently gathering a group of women to take part in a game-changing program from February to June.

It’s designed to give you the structure - via intimate, personal group coaching sessions, online dance sessions, and customized guidance directly from me to you - to channel what’s in you in a healthy, creative, powerful way.


  • Your emotions, monthly hormonal fluctuations, and physical body becoming fuel for your creative process and life, instead of a hinderance

  • Having an un-biased, fully present support squad there for you next time you get stuck in your head trying to figure out your next move

  • Feeling confident, inspired, and connected to your truth as you continue to create and share more of yourself with the world

All that is possible, and more.

I’m talking to women individually this week and next to help you assess your inner mush, get clear on what it is you truly are wanting in your life, body, and creative world, and then see - in a no-bullshit way - if in fact what I’m offering could be the perfect fit for you.

The calls are 30-minutes, 1-1, over the phone or video, and are completely complimentary and non-obligatory.

Do you want a spot?

Comment below or simply click here to set up a time to talk: https://calendly.com/jessgrippo/cgs

Remember: Women's bodies dancing is a political act.

Given the history of women’s oppression, a history that still is alive today, the fact that we have the freedom to choose how to move our bodies, how to dress our bodies, how to make ART with our bodies, is truly a gift.

If we don't take action and choose how we move and what we create, someone else will do it for us.

Whether or not we work together, I want to know what is written on your body, what lies within your body. I want you to dance it through you and help awaken yourself and the world around you to the great power you hold to heal and change the world. Through your body.

Think of this invitation as a first step toward channeling the mush into action and activism.

Whether or not the full program is for you, it will certainly give you insight on the best next steps you could take.

Comment below or simply click here to set up a time to talk: https://calendly.com/jessgrippo/cgs

to the beauty in the mush, Jess

p.s. If this is lighting up something in you, even if you don’t know what exactly it is, don’t delay on taking action. Let’s talk: https://calendly.com/jessgrippo/cgs