when you've got nothing to say...

I write to you from the depths of the creative void. It’s not an easy place to write from because there’s really nothing here. It’s Darkness. Emptiness. Mystery.  

I racked my brain trying to think of something profound to say on the blog this week, and then realized that I just needed to surrender to the nothingness that I felt.


You see, this void is a natural part of the creative process.


We’re not always supposed to be producing new things and creating masterpieces.


Sometimes we’re just meant to be still and listen and let the mystery hold us.


For it’s in those moments of stillness that we can connect to new parts of ourselves, integrate experiences on a subconscious level, and stay open to the whispers of the creative muse.


It can be vulnerable and scary to be in the unknown, to not know when it will end, and that’s where we have to activate our trust muscles.


After winter, comes spring... After a creative winter, comes a creative spring awakening.


From that space of emptiness, the dark cold winter, the void... that’s where creation happens without us trying to make it happen.


So for this Creative Friday, I encourage you to check in with your own creative void.

Let yourself do nothing. Surrender to the mystery. (Even if it’s a busy time for you, give yourself the gift of a short period of nothingness.)


For all you fellow moon lovers, it’s actually perfect timing, since today is the New Moon - the time of the month when the sky is completely black, the moon totally hidden from view. It’s naturally the time to be in the void and not take action.


I sense there’s a whole lot of light and creative activity in our futures, so we might as well embrace this moment of pause.


Imma get back to my void for now, and I look forward to hearing about yours, too. Feel free to comment below and share how it’s going for you.


in the mystery with you,