why create art in a world of tragedy?

“You’re not gonna believe this…”


10 minutes before show time and there’s my mom standing in the doorway of the theater, proceeding to tell me:


“...there’s an armed drug dealer on the loose in Wood-Ridge. We almost couldn’t leave town to come here tonight…”


While it wasn’t the best of timing to hear this news, it did raise a really important question.


Why am I making a dance show?

Why do we create art?


In a world where people are being shot and lives are being threatened and other tragedies are going down every day, who the hell cares about people dancing on a stage??


[....moment of reflection….]


I do.


And if you’re reading this, maybe you do, too.


Here’s my theory on why we care and why we must keep creating:


The tragedies and struggles we face as humans are the very reasons why we need to create art and express ourselves.

For every terrible thing that happens, let us add something beautiful.


For every moment of depression and stuckness, let us help move one another.


Let us unearth the things we are most afraid of, the emotions and fears that live inside of us.


Maybe if more people let things move through them creatively, we’d have less tragedies happen in the first place.

And so, as I type these last words before moving into the day and preparing for the second night of our dance show, I take a moment of silence and say a prayer.

May each dance I make help deliver more positive energy and love into the world.

May it ripple out into waves of inspiration that uplift the planet and one by one put down the guns.

Have you ever made art or seen art in the face of tragedy?

What inspires YOU to create?

Please share in the comments below and let’s keep the creative love flowing.


Oh, and by the way, the sniper in Wood-Ridge was caught and all were safe.


ever grateful for the chance to dance,


p.s. We’d love to see you at the show tonight.