why we should bother to share stuff

Common reactions when we’re about to share something artistic, or otherwise:


“No one cares about what I have to say.”

“It’s too egotistical to feature myself like that.”

“Someone else already did something similar.”


(Sound familiar?)


Sure, there are many reasons we can come up with for why we shouldn’t share our stuff.


But what about the reasons why we should?


Let’s talk about that today.


I was on a call with a client earlier this week who has just completed the 4-week You Can Dance Again program, and one of the first things she said was, (paraphrasing) "I just love how it's given me a focus of putting myself out there...it's been so powerful."


(Part of the program involves exploring specific themes and how they can apply to your dancing and your life. Each person is encouraged to share a dance video with the group at the culmination.)


She went on to tell me how freeing it was to be dancing more on her own, to share her dance videos publicly, and then to also speak up and share things with other people and communities in her life. I won't share the private details, but it's been making an impact on her family big-time.


We got into a bit of a philosophical discussion and I realized how powerful and healing it is to express oneself. Even when it's in the privacy of your own home, to dance and release and let go.... it gives you practice at being able to do that more in your public life, as well.


So why should we share our stuff?


When we share a piece of ourselves with the world, we allow ourselves to be witnessed by others.


We gain the confidence to speak up in other areas of our lives.


We recognize we are not alone.


We experience human connection, support, love.


An energy exchange happens - a cycle of sharing and receiving, that continues beyond the moment of the share.


When it's done authentically, sharing a piece of our self-expression is, in my book, one of the most powerful and healing acts we can do. In a way, it's what makes us human.


So go use your voice in whatever form it wants to take. It's your birthright to. And you never know who it might impact.


Post a comment below and tell me what you’ve been avoiding sharing, what you deeply desire to share, or what you just got the inspiration to share now. I’d love to hear.


I see you, I hear you,


p.s. If Justin Timberlake said to himself, “Well, Pharrell already made a really cool dance music video to Happy, so I probably shouldn’t do my vision…” then we wouldn’t have this masterpiece: (current fave dance song!)