will I ever create anything again?

We all have had them. The dark and empty times. The opposite of prolific. The lacking-motivation-but-wishing-we-had-it moments. The get-jealous-of-other-people’s-stuff funks.


You might ask yourself:


“Will I ever create anything again?”


Here’s the answer:


Yes. Yes you will create again.


You will create something even more authentic and compelling if you just let yourself have a few minutes (or days or weeks or years) of doing nothing and not forcing it.


Instead of forcing yourself to produce something, try this:


Drop into the empty feeling.

Get curious about it.

Bring light to the icky places within you and heal where necessary.

Go on long walks.

Ask questions.

Pick up books you find abandoned on the street.

Be of service to someone.

Start a new workout routine.

Find peace in the stillness.




Because your creativity is cyclical. Just like the seasons around us. Winter happens before spring.


If you’re currently in a creative rut, take these words in and practice the art of TRUST. (Spring WILL come again, I promise!)


If you’re not in a rut, keep these words in your back pocket and remember them the next time things slow down.


Most importantly, don’t suffer through it alone.


Tell people what you’re going through. Isolation is a breeding ground for depression and shame spirals. Just saying something outloud, without trying to fix or change it, can bring deep healing through compassion.


Try it - Share something with us here, in the comments below.


to embracing all the phases,