can we really "make things happen"?


here's what i think is a more accurate version of this quote:*

(although it’s probably too long to fit into a photo square)

She spent a long time making things happen, to the point of exhaustion until she woke up one day and felt like NOT trying to make it happen, so she didn't, and she realized that it felt uncomfortable at first but there was a tiny beam of trust underneath it all that knew things were gonna be ok, and then she woke up one day and felt like there was no hope but she danced and it gave her purpose, and then she woke up and woke up and woke up again and each time she got a bit clearer as to what the hell she wanted to make happen anyway, and then when the clarity came through she was able to ALLOW things to happen rather than MAKING them happen, which felt much more peaceful and authentic and effective, and so waiting served its purpose and so did making it happen and she keeps waking up.


*Not intended to put down the author or supporters of the original quote

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