poppin in with a poem.

This moment that is
This moment that cries
This moment that sees
Beyond the disguise

This moment I have
This moment of space
This moment when finally
I’m not in a race

This moment is real
This moment is ripe
How can I seize it?
This moment I’ll type

This moment is fleeting
This moment’s a chance
To create from what died
This moment I’ll dance

@jessgrippo }

One of the things I believe, deep in my body and soul, is that the process of creating art - whether it be dancing or painting or writing poems or whatever floats your boat - is deeply healing. It gives us a sense of being able to take what we’ve been given in life and make something new out of it. It gives us our power back.

as humans, we can destroy the world, or we can help facilitate its healing and evolution.

Let’s start the healing with our bodies, our voices, our expression, and witness each other so that the (r)evolution can continue.

to making our moments count,

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