new website + big transitions.

So, the short of it is...

i have a new website.

(Yayyyyyyyyy: because it’s been a long time coming after 5 years and I friggin LOVE it. Hope you do, too. Check it out here.)

Like most seemingly shiny new things, though, there’s a lot of grit, grime, and grrrrrr-ing that happens simultaneously, beneath the surface.

Tomorrow, I move to New Jersey for a temporary yet unknown amount of time to care-take my mother who just started treatment for the two kinds of cancer that were discovered in her body back in May.

As many of you who know me or have seen my TEDx talk might remember, six years ago my father suffered a massive stroke and has been physically and mentally disabled since. It’s now my mother’s turn, who has been his primary caregiver, to focus on her own healing and leave the caregiving to me.

Did I ever think that at 34 years old I’d be moving back to my hometown to take care of my parents? Nope.

You might have your own version of this question.

This is life. We can’t predict anything. And I’m finding that the more I accept the things I cannot change, the more I’m able to gather my energy and power to shift the things I can and try to make a difference in this crazy world.

Human to human, I’ll tell you that I’m a mix of emotions. Fear. Sadness. Ready. Not Ready. Breaking Down. Willing. Standing Up. Grateful. Growing. Grrrrr-ing.

i share this with you here because: art.

(Now more than ever I’m reminded that we can make art to make sense of life, to reinvent ourselves when life throws curveballs, to take whatever life is giving us and CREATE something with it, as a way to take back our power. Producing art might not always be possible in the midst of intense and demanding situations, but I believe art-making is cyclical and even in the fallow periods, we are marinating on our life experience until the moment arrives when something new is ready to be birthed and we are able to make space for it. If you are going through a tough time, too, trust that art is getting ready to rise from within you.)

i share this with you here because: dance.

(Dancing in the rain and the rainbows alike, moving our bodies how we see fit, because we can, because we need to in order to feel alive, because dancing is what connects us to ourselves and each other. If you haven’t danced lately, it might be time to now.)

i share this with you here because: community.

(No matter how long you’ve been in the Creative Fridays loop, if you’re here now I consider you my community. You being here is what makes possible everything that I’m creating and sharing, and I don’t take that for granted for one minute. The more we can be real with each other, the more we can help each other dance through this thing called life. Thank you for being here.)

i share this with you here because: radical honesty.

(If we only share the shiny and the new, how can we ever find real connection and deep truth? Especially with all the tragedy going on in our world, we need truth-tellers. We need our voices. We need realness in all forms. It’s my commitment to stay true.)

i share this with you here because: a calling.

(Much to my surprise, rather than wanting to bury myself in mounds of ice cream during all this - although there definitely have been moments when that happens - more than ever I’m feeling the calling to step even more fully into my work as a coach and a dance/art facilitator. Dealing with the crap of life makes it even more meaningful for me to not only create my own art, but to provide the space and guidance for others on their journey. If you have felt a calling to revive something in you, to reinvent yourself in the midst of transition, or to receive a boost of power and creative energy, come on over to my new domain and let's talk. There is no time like the present.)

and so, that’s my story of the new website and big transitions. there’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned for major updates! 

(and you better believe this blog will be pumping out tales from the front lines of this new transition, because my parents are hilarious characters and well, there’s no place like Jersey.)

Before I close, a few huge THANK YOUs are in order:

  • Sasha Mercedes for taking this website to the next level and helping my vision come to life in much better ways than I even thought possible.
  • Tyla Fowler for the book editing, for your generous spirit, and for helping me to learn to trust.
  • Kelly Diels for helping me to shape my words powerfully and honor the bigger mission at hand.
  • Hanna Agar for the photos and famous GIF that keeps on kickin’.

I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again:

Thank YOU, too, for being here on this journey with me. I look forward to more shared dances, laughs, and everything in between.

in transition and in service,