julie's first time on stage.

we met on instagram.

She messaged me, bummed out that she missed the last dance program I hosted, but little did she know another one was starting up.

On the phone a few days later, she tells me about this hidden dream of dancing on stage. She never took formal dance classes, yet she has this vision - so vivid - of being under the lights, freely expressing herself.

She took the leap and joined the You Can Dance Again program.

4 months later, this happened:

You would never guess it was her first time, right?

The piece she created was in honor of a dear friend whose husband had passed away from cancer. Her 9 year old son (who currently takes dance classes) was watching her from the audience.

in just a couple of weeks, i’m hosting another you can dance again showcase.

The women performing in it are getting on stage for their own reasons:

  • Because starting to dance was part of recovery after double hip surgery
  • Because it’s been 10 years since she danced professionally, and this is her comeback at 40 years old
  • Because dance has been how she coped with her father’s death
  • Because it was time she did something for her creative soul

The show is July 26th in NYC and you can get tickets here: bit.ly/YCDA2017show

If that isn’t enough to cajole you, I’m including my Top 10 Reasons why you should join us, below. (Even if you don’t understand modern dance or don't know anyone who is performing.)

And remember, no matter what’s happening in your life, you can always dance again.

all love, all dance,