let’s spend more time THERE.

maybe it’s a good thing...

When 10 unread texts accumulate by the end of the night because you hadn’t looked at your phone much.

When you forget to take the garbage out because you’re in the flow of writing. Or crying.

When poems come through your pen more often than to-do lists.

When sitting in an hour of traffic feels worth it because of the extra time spent with the person in the passenger seat.

When you don’t get to the work you had planned because you took your 90-year-old neighbor out to coffee.


That place.

That place where real life happens. Beyond the digital screen. Beyond the “work.” Beyond the should-do’s. Beyond the control we think we have.


That place of presence. Of people.

That place where the pressure is off.

(Because really, isn’t the pressure mostly created in your mind, anyway? Because really, it was never up to you in the first place to figure it all out by yourself.)

let’s spend more time THERE.



p.s. In honor of spending more time in the flesh, in real life, here are a few opportunities to dance and hang with me THERE (offline):

I will be at Soul Camp August 24-27.

This place is the definition of getting real and getting back in touch with your self and your soul (and a bad-ass community of humans who will remind you that you are SO not alone). I’ve gone for the past 3 years and it has seriously impacted me more and more each time. Get your tickets here (plus $100 off with this special link).

Next Wednesday in NYC I’m hosting a show.

An incredible group of women who have been with me in my You Can Dance again programming are performing. I’ll also be doing a surprise performance of some brand new dance-comedy material. Would love to see you there. Get your tickets here.