august + your creative soul.

august is here.

We’ve hit upon a very significant month for your creative life. It starts with August 1st, in traditional pagan cultures known as Lammas, or the festival of first fruits. It’s when we start to see the hints of the harvest that is to come in the fall. It’s a last chance reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • If what’s popping up in your life now is NOT what you are truly wanting, then now is the time to do some letting go and shifting.
  • If what’s popping up IS what you are wanting, and wanting more of, then now is the time to cultivate THAT stuff.
  • if you’ve been too busy to even reflect on what’s happening and how you’re feeling inside...

then it’s DEFINITELY time to slow the F down and make some space before you busy yourself into burnout and miss out on the glory of one of the most magical months of the year.

August is the ultimate month of transition and creative renewal. While life slows down and the harvest continues to grow, we have the opportunity to take a few steps back and recuperate, get re-inspired, get reacquainted with what really matters. The more you do this, the more powerful and aligned your fall season will be.

consider this your reminder to make space for yourself.

Come home to yourself. Be with yourself. Dance and write and search your soul and allow the creative muses to dance their way through you.

What might happen if you gave yourself space to dream? to be? to dance?

Let’s find out.

Even a little bit of space goes a long way.

I’ll be making as much space as I can over here, and as such, will be emailing you a bit less frequently this month. (There’s always Instagram if you dig random dance videos and musings more often.)

Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Before I sign off for today…

there’s a brand new YCDA program coming this fall.

Like the BEST yet! I’ll be announcing it this month, so make sure you’re in the know by clicking here to be the first to find out and get early entry bonuses.

I’m wishing you the most luscious, rejuvenating month ever. Whether or not we’ve met in person, know that there’s love flowing to ya up the wazoo. (I’ve been spending way too much time with my mom. That is from her vocab.)

ready for the muses,


p.s. Remember that flashmob I led in March? The official video is finally up and it's making waves on the interwebs. Check it out here.