life without a laptop.

When -  all in the same day -  a three-year-old knocks a glass of water onto your open laptop, your Tupperware of food leaks into your bag, and tired and #overit you lug yourself to the subway only to realize the F train is not in service. You might think it’s an omen for a shitty week. (This was Monday, after all.) 

but you know what? 
it wasn’t. 

Maybe it’s the heaviness of the news happening in our world, or the experience of going through life-threatening circumstances with family and friends, but the day-to-day shit seems to matter less. 

The disruptions in our day can force us to get out of the tunnel-focused glare of “work“ and into real connection with other humans. 

The loss of an object that we’ve been dependent upon can initiate creative thinking towards new solutions. 

and when all else seems to fail, we can at least take a dance break before deciding what action to take. 

So. Whatever kind of week you’re having, I wanted to offer you some dance today.

In hopes that it helps. 

I’d love to hear how it goes. 

to dancing through it, 

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