don’t give up on your creative soul.

We’re often told that being creative is risky, that dancing forever is not “realistic,” that adults need to get serious and start adulting and let go of the things that bring them joy for joy’s sake. 

(because there’s not enough time or money or energy left for being “frivolous” when there’s so much to DO! gahhhh!)

no one tells us that the reason why we feel squelched or depressed or restless is because we’ve abandoned this creative soul that lives inside us. 

We become deaf to her cries. We keep her locked in her room without her art supplies. We work work work work and pretend she’s not there. 

It’s time to listen to this inner child, to the children around us in our present day. 

They are one with creativity and divinity - they have not yet been taught to squelch it.
They move freely and un-self-consciously in their bodies. 
They create magical worlds through their imagination. 

As adults we can still access that AND we can use our adult resources to make the imagined real. 

let us not give up on our creative souls. (or our bodies.)

They needs us. The world needs us. The children and future generations need us to be our fully expressed, creatively awakened selves. 

It’s about restoring connection to a part of you that’s been hidden. 
It’s allowing the creativity of your childhood self to come alive through your present day body. 
It’s dancing into your divinity, and from that place, transforming the world around you. 

And ^THAT is exactly how I’m here to serve and how my work is meant to guide you. That is at the essence of every dance break or coaching session or show I’ve ever done, and it’s at the essence of my upcoming Ignite Your Creative Spark workshops (online and in NYC) - which you are of course invited to join. 

By the way, since I’m always transparent about my process, all of this writing came out of me on the F train earlier this week, scribbled in a notebook. After a period of stuckness and searching, the floodgates finally opened. How and why did they open? Because I took time to listen. I’ve been connecting more to my own divinity and the empty space within me. I’ve been listening. 

The way I’ve experienced my creative process is as an emergent one. It’s a process that moves more freely when you give up control of it, when you surrender to the muses, mysterious forces, or whatever you’d like to call that magical, unspoken thing that speaks through us when we create.

you can’t speak the unspoken in words, but you can feel it through your body when you dance. 

So go dance. And if you are in a place where stuckness, frustration, searching, or general discontent is keeping you from hearing your own muses or being able to create or dance freely, please reach out. Aside from the 2 upcoming workshops, I also have a few spaces open in my newly revamped coaching programs. 

Hit reply to inquire more and I’ll send you all the details!

from my creative soul to yours, 

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