when you have questions, transitions, or decisions to make...

as much as I’d like to have everything figured out all the time, I’ve come to accept the fact that I won’t. 

Because life evolves, we evolve, and our situations evolve.

The natural solution then, is to just keep dancing. Through the mess. Through the questions. Through the joy and the pain alike. 

Because dance creates a new perspective. It moves stuff through us. It literally moves us, and movement can be so necessary and so healing, especially in the midst of transitions. 

Without dance, without expression to let out the nonverbal screams of emotion that motion through us at every given moment, what are we? 

here’s some food for dance-thought and a guided “dance into your answers” process to try:

Check out my recent talk with Elyse Sparkes, one of the most compassionate fitness professionals I’ve ever met, who makes exercise more easeful, kind, and accessible, and thus way more effective. We jam on dance and using movement to get unstuck.

During the talk, I’ll take you through a live version of my “Dance Into Your Answers” method that you can follow along with, and I also coach Elyse through her own anxiety about her upcoming move so you can see the work in action. 

Click through to dance into your answers:

(For anyone looking to incorporate more non-dance movement in their lives, Elyse has a 5-day free course coming up called #BeKindBodyMind with workouts you can do at home in under 10min. No fancy equipment required. Join for free here. )

would love to hear what it brings up for you and how you are choosing to dance through it all. 

to what moves us,

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p.s. Craving some assistance in dancing into your own answers? I have a few spots open this month for 1-1 Creative Clarity Sessions. It’s a 2-hour intensive where I guide you through body-based processes and coaching to move you into clarity with your business, heart, creative projects, and/or whatever your soul is craving. We get to the root of it, and you receive a new perspective and a personalized dance practice to keep it alive after our session. Contact me to request details.