it will not always be comfortable.

sitting on the couch watching netflix will always be easier. 

Easier than showing up to that class you signed up for. 

Easier than writing and posting that thing you’ve been meaning to share. 

Easier than feeling the slew of emotions you carry around on any given day. 

and don’t get me wrong -

Sometimes sitting on the couch is totally necessary. 

Sometimes we need to be warriors for making time for that couch!

(And especially for watching Queer Eye on Netflix. Duh.)

But what I’m talking about here is the kind of couch-sitting that’s really Avoidance. Hiding. Dodging emotions. Numbing out. Checking out. Ignoring your soul’s calling. 

If you sense yourself isolating, seek out a community. Call a friend. 

The antidote to isolated couch-sitting doesn’t have to be doing a Facebook Live on the Reasons Why You Are Choosing to Couch Sit Or Not Anymore. 

It can be as simple as calling one person and telling them how low you feel. Being heard by a human. Breaking the cycle of beating yourself up through the process of compassion. 

So, that’s all. 

I hope you do that. (And not the other thing of isolating yourself for far too long. Because I’ve been there and I know how it feels and it’s not fun and it can lead to bad things and you’re totally not alone even if you feel you are so remind yourself of that by de-isolating yourself. Ok?)

and this is one last reminder to join immersion on April 29th.

It’s an entire day to get off your couch and be around humans who will hear you and support you in creating art with whatever life stuff has been getting at you.

It’s an experience of being seen in your truth. Of healing through art and dance.

It might be processing grief from a loss.

It might be ripping the band-aid off a wound to your artistic soul you’ve been avoiding.

It might be the pure desire to return to joy.

Whatever it is, get your butt in this room with me and be transformed by your own dance.

The Pre-Immersion kick-off session happens on Wednesday April 18th (i.e. in 5 days!) and our in-person time together is April 29th, so get yourself signed up now and don’t miss the opportunity to experience this.

>>Join Immersion here.<<

If you have questions or would like to chat more before signing up, hit reply and let me listen to you.

dancing with you in this thing we call life,

Jess sig.png

p.s. Whether or not Immersion is your thing, I think you might really appreciate this talk I had with Marisa, who shares more about how she helped herself heal and process grief through creating her solo dance piece in last year’s Immersion program. Watch it here.