3 steps to simplify & overcome obstacles

Last week we spoke about the obstacles - both outside of us and within us - that might be holding up our dreams.


Today, let’s take it to the next level:


How do we get past the obstacles and fears to actually start fully making our dreams happen?


The answer may be simpler than you think. In fact, you probably have known it all along.


I’m going to share 3 steps below that will help you cross the apparent hurdles so that you can go forth into bliss (!) -- but before I get there, a note on simplicity and a story:


I recently rediscovered the first book that I ever wrote. I was about 8 years old at the time and so it’s fairly simple,  but something about it resonated so deeply with me and I had a feeling you would relate.


Here’s the story:

butterfly association 1

One dark and cold night a caterpillar appeared in a tree. She didn’t know how to build a cacoon. To her it was very difficult.

butterfly association 2

She tried building a cacoon out of bricks because she saw buildings made out of bricks. But she never turned into a butterfly.

butterfly association 3

Meanwhile she called the Butterfly Association. Then a butterfly came and helped her to spin a cacoon.

butterfly association 4

She was so happy she raised a banner saying “Thank You.”

butterfly association 5

The caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly and became a member of the Butterfly Association.

butterfly association 6

The End.

What is so profound about this simple tale?

Inherent in it is a 3-step process that can be applied to any kind of creative dilemma:

1. Admit you are stuck.

The caterpillar could’ve kept trying out different substances from which to make her cocoon and stayed headstrong the whole time until she passed out from exhaustion, but instead she realized she had a problem and told someone about it.


If you’re coming up against the same hurdles, maybe with slightly different flavors, it might be time to climb up a new tree or seek out guidance for how to do so.


2. Create goals within your constraints first.

The caterpillar’s ultimate goal was to become a butterfly. Her constraint was that she was still physically a caterpillar and had no wings. So her first step was learning how to spin a cocoon. If she sat there wishing she was a butterfly without taking the essential middle step, she would be one of those poor lost caterpillars that find their way into your kale salad, only to be tossed into the trash or out the window. (sorry, it’s sad but true.)


Standing where you are and wishing you were someplace else doesn’t get anything done. You must take the actual physical steps towards doing it. If there are constraints in your way, like having a job that takes up too much time, address those first. Your first goal should be make more time, for example, then you can move on to the creative pieces and find your wings.


3. Don’t do it alone.

The caterpillar picked up the awesome purple phone to ask for help rather than continuing to do it alone. She sought the guidance of someone with more experience and who had been in her position before. It sped up the whole process and allowed the caterpillar to not only become a butterfly but then help other caterpillars find their wings, too.


The idea that we should all just be able to figure stuff out on our own and become famous and rich and successful is kind of a myth. Without a support team and a network of people, doing your thing can be next to impossible. Swallow your pride and get support.

This last point brings me to an invitation for you.


You might already know that I do more than just write this blog every week and make random dance videos. Since finding my own creative wings, it’s become my passion and my mission to pass the formula on.


One of the ways I feel called to do this is through my work as a life coach. Now before you roll your eyes, I know the whole coaching industry can feel a bit over-saturated and seem like total B.S. To some it might be, but I’ve seen the profound ways it has shifted my own reality and the lives of the clients I’ve worked with. I’m also proud to say that I’ve been working with my own coach and mentors for over 4 years and have experienced incredible growth (inner and outer) as a result.


If you’re feeling like the lonely caterpillar in any way and have an inkling of a sense that it’s time to make a change, pick up your awesome purple phone and let’s talk.


Knowing the creative process intimately and having 7 years of coaching experience under my belt, I can help you see the steps you’re missing, see your own true brilliance, and simplify the process of making your dreams a reality.


You don’t have to do this alone.talktome.jpg


Consider me your Butterfly Associate and get ready to join the team.


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You got this!


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