3 ways to empower your independence & self-worth

ycda-week-1 In yesterday’s first Pop Goddess class, we focused on the themes of Independence and Self-Worth.

Through the lens of the goddess Artemis, the musical artist P!nk along with other pop-music, and of course, dance, we asked ourselves:

Where do I need to strengthen my boundaries and make clearer choices?

Am I not fully valuing myself? How does that show up?

How am I letting outside forces pull me away from what I truly want to focus on?

Why bother to ask yourself these questions?

If you want to create more or dance more,

If you want to evolve your artistic or spiritual growth,

If you want to feel empowered in your life...

You’ve got to take a stand for yourself.

You’ve got to make the time for it.

You’ve got to trust in your own worthiness and in life’s ability to provide for you.

Contrary to being “selfish,” it will only make you a more fulfilled, energized person, which will certainly rub off on those near and dear to you.

This is not a new concept - I’m sure you’ve heard it before - but I still think it’s important to remind ourselves of - a lot.

Since I only teach and write about things that I’m actually doing or have done, here’s a little peek into what this looks like for me.

(Sometimes hearing other people can inspire what we need to do ourselves, so listen through the lens of what it sparks up for YOU.)

A few things I’m doing differently this month

  1. Saying No More. Or, if I’m not a full Yes right away, I’m letting the other person know I need some time before giving an answer. The idea with saying No more is to make more space in my life by not overcommitting, or to not just say Yes to fulfill the “being needed” thing. Saying No to some things means getting to say a full-bodied YES to other really awesome things.

  2. Asking For and Receiving Support. In particular in my business and in some aspects of my personal life, I’m seeking out the right kind of support so that it doesn’t feel like a lone battle. Ironically, the more support I get, the more Independent I feel. Why? Because support in the areas of my life that I’m not good at or that take up too much time to handle myself, actually frees me up to do MORE of my own thing, MORE of the things I’m actually really brilliant at and the things that fulfill me and help others at the same time. #ahamoment

  3. Hanging Out with My Self. The points above are helping me to carve out more time for (cliché alert) me. Whether it’s journaling, meditating, or lying down staring at the ceiling, it’s been so refreshing to reconnect myself and my intuition. The culture of “busy” can make this hard, which is why it’s so important to set up strong boundaries.

So that’s me. What about you? Has this inspired you to set new boundaries for yourself this month?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And if you sense YOU could use some support in these areas, contact me today and let’s explore what working together would look like.

to your strength, independence, and self-worth,