why dance? (a poem)

Why dance?

The world is in disarray

My bills are tough to pay

Why dance?

I’m trying to get through the day

But really don’t feel OK

Why dance?


Why dance?


Why dance?


Why dance?

When there’s something I need to say

When there’s a prayer I need to pray

When the sky and mood are gray

When it seems like there’s no other way


Dance through it all because, hey,

Your body can say Yay

It’s not just kids who need to play

You, too, can slay like Bey’.

No matter what, you have the power to say:

I can dance.

That’s why.

- Jess Grippo 10/27/16


I know it can be easier said than danced sometimes…

...the reality is that life can be hard on us.

That’s why I designed my upcoming “4-weeks to free your inner dancer” program, full of support and guidance to dance through the tough stuff and into your power and freedom.

Structure and community are SO important when you want to empower yourself in any way - especially when it involves physical movement.

Through the guidance of powerful goddess archetypes and the pop-music and pop-stars that channel their energy, we are going to dance into the freest, most powerful versions of ourselves.

Resist the urge to isolate yourself or believe the “woe is me” voice in your head that just doesn’t feel like you can do it. You can.

You can dance. Again and again.

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See you there,