dance is not a luxury. here's why.

Throwback to June of 2011, a bit over 5 years ago. I was living in my parent’s basement temporarily after having to leave my Brooklyn apartment quite suddenly. It was 6 months after my dad’s stroke, 2 months into a new romantic relationship, and I was making dance videos like crazy.




Because those precious moments I had alone in the basement for a few minutes were the only times when I felt I had the space to express myself. There often aren’t words to describe the feelings of big life transitions, and so that’s why dance is there.


I didn’t have (or make) time to take dance classes. I didn’t want to.

I wasn’t interested in learning choreography or auditioning for a show.

I basically didn’t care to do any of the things I previously did in my past dance life.


But I DID want to say something that words couldn’t express.

I DID want to move my body and channel some of the tough emotions.

I DID want a break from the stress and pain of things that were happening in my life.


So I danced it out, in my own way, to music that moved me, and I made a video of it. (multiple times. still doing it.)


This is not a dance-making act of luxury. This is a dance-making act of necessity. This is dance-making like my life depended on it. Because it did.


Who are we without the acts that move our souls?

Who are we without exercising our human ability to create?

Who are we without dance?


I’d argue to say we’d be prettttty  boring and dead inside without any of those things.


Not the kind of life I want to live.


How bout you?


If dance is part of YOUR soul, don’t ignore the calling.


Go dance in your basement or bedroom or boardroom and unleash the spirit inside of you.


I know it’s sometimes easier said than done, so I am here to help. In fact, outside of dancing myself, helping other people to revive dance in their lives is my favorite thing in the world. And I’m really good at it.

 The reason why it's my favorite thing is because I see what happens beyond the dance itself.

When women reclaim their dancer identity IN THEIR OWN WAY - in a way that empowers them, frees them, and unleashes parts of themselves that have been hidden or squelched - they take different actions in their LIFE.

They no longer keep their mouth shut when they really want to speak up. They walk into a room with confidence and knowing their self-worth. They feel a deep sense of belonging and connection to a tribe who understands them, which becomes a foundation for launching their dreams.

Again, this is not a luxury. It is a necessity if we want to create a world where women have the power to change it for the better.

So let’s dance, shall we?

I’m gifting the first 5 people who comment below with a free ticket to one of my Pop Goddess Dance intro classes on Monday 10/17 or 10/24 in NYC.

(There's also an online intro if you can't make it live!)


And if you’re not in NYC or Pop-Goddess isn’t your thing, there are other ways I can support your dancing process, so just contact me now with a little bit about your dance story and where you’re feeling stuck and I’ll get back to you asap.


to freeing our dancing souls, Jess