5 ways to ease up on yourself



Sometimes technical glitches happen that thwart our timely plans.


Sometimes we overestimate what’s physically possible to do in one week.


Sometimes we just want to be rebellious and go against the “shoulds.”


Elements of all three were present for me this week.

I spent some time beating myself up about it and feeling terrible.

Then I remembered it’s ok to chill out. I can ease up on myself a lot more and the world won't fall apart.


Have you ever felt that way?


Summer is the perfect time to go against the “shoulds,” have more fun, be easy on yourself, and maybe even be a rebel.


If you’re having a hard time figuring out what that means, let me share a few suggestions based on my own experience this past week:


  1. See movies with inspiring messages (and dance references): The Internship and Frances Ha are 2 of my recent faves.

  2. Sit on a city rooftop at night and pretend that the sound of cars passing by is the ocean.

  3. Go to a real ocean.

  4. Draw comic book pictures with kids. (see above photo)

  5. Dance in a random location. 


I’ll keep it short and sweet this week so that you have more time to indulge yourself.


Before you get to it, here’s some footage of my #5, and the reason why I didn’t send this email earlier this morning:

I hope it inspires you.

waving the ease-up flag,