a 5-minute exercise to overcome procrastination


I canceled plans tonight to have a creative date with myself. And with you - if you happen to be reading this in real time.


I went through all kinds of procrastination and avoidance this week, with a fair amount of dancing in the park mixed in, only to end up here. Doing what I’ve wanted to do all week.



I’ve heard it said that the tasks we feel most resistant to are the tasks most important to us and our soul’s growth.


Does that feel true to you?


If you’ve been resisting something, acknowledge it this weekend. And then just face it. One step at a time.


If you need a boost in the direction of action, I invite you to take a dance break with me.

Whether or not you consider yourself a “dancer,” shaking it around to music for 5 minutes is a powerful remedy for most challenges - especially those that involve boredom, frustration, self-pity, and procrastination.


So get off your butt and join me. Right now or first thing tomorrow morning. Your pick.


Here’s the link:

Do your dance, then take time to free-write for a few minutes on whatever it is that’s clogging up your brain waves.


Report in below what you discover.


According to astrological sources, under the influence of yesterday’s full moon, “You are being asked to dream, meditate and be creative.”


The moon never lies.


Follow her lead.


with you in the process,



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