TEDX recap: a surprise twist to feeling fulfilled


Phew. Talk about nerves. I gave my TEDx talk this past Saturday and was able to get through it with lots of preliminary dancing, coaching from Susan Main, bodywork from Master Jey Park, and the support of knowing all of you were cheering me on. Thank you.


I left the stage feeling a bit sad, though. Was that it? Did I sound like myself and get my point across? The lights were so bright I couldn’t see anyone in the audience, so it was hard to tell how it landed.


What I do know is that it landed somehow. And sometime in January we’ll all be able to see how it went via YouTube.


I learned something important after the fact, which is the whole reason I’m writing today:


photo (15)

On Sunday night, I sat in the audience at a dance performance created by one of my clients. She started her dance company during the time we were working together and this was her company’s first time doing a show.


I was filled with immense love and gratitude watching the whole thing. The kind of fulfillment that brought me to tears. This sense of fulfillment continued as I watched more clients of mine share their work in my living room last night, in rehearsal for the upcoming Showcase.


It felt much different than how I felt after the TEDx event, which was honestly a little empty. Maybe it was the postpartum feeling of having released something I had put so much energy into, or maybe it was because I couldn’t really see the audience or feel the impact I was having. It was easy to just go into self-critical mode and question it all.


I’m not saying I don’t want to continue giving talks or performances of my own - I certainly do! - but I am realizing the important balance of giving and the receiving. It’s why 10 years ago, when I was just dancing, I had such a desire to help people in a more direct way. It’s why when I quit dancing and started just doing health coaching, I missed dancing. It’s like expressing myself is giving, and helping people is receiving. Even though that kind of sounds backwards. Both are necessary to feel complete, for me.


So what's up with your state of balance?

Are you lacking time for your own self-expression?

Or are you ready to receive inspiration or fulfillment in a new way?


Tell me in the comment box below. Wherever you’re at, it’s awesome. And I invite you to get a little of both this Friday at the Creative Fridays Showcase.


It's the culmination of a 6-month adventure I've been leading with 6 amazing women in the Thriving Artist’s Program (TAP) who each have been making their way back into their creativity throughout transitions, love, loss, growth, and more.


Some will dance, some will sing, some will show us artwork, and some will tell a story. Either way, it's guaranteed to spark some inspiration and emotion in YOU.


Brene Brown once said, "What is art if it's not love?"


Come out and share the love!!


970560_470425349708513_1361056112_n (2)Friday, December 13th


at BAX 421 5th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn


And if that weren't enough to convince you to come out, we'll also have wine and raffle prizes!!


[button link="http://jessgrippo.com/ai1ec_event/creative-fridays-showcase/?instance_id=" color="aqua" window="yes"]RSVP here![/button]


There are limited tickets - really, I'm not just saying that to get you to come - so get your free ticket now if you plan on joining!


I am so excited to experience and share this with you. If you can't make it or aren't located in the NYC area, take time this Friday to fulfill your creative palette. Maybe taking something in - like seeing a performance or going to a museum - would inspire you, or maybe it's time you put something out there - like writing a song, making a dance video, painting a picture, or whatever you are called to make. Get clear on what you need and then do it. Schedule it in your calendar right now. You'll feel better after. I promise. (And I will check up on you later this week to see if you did it ;)


taking it in and letting it out,


p.s. the TEDx talk has finally been published! Check it out here: