hated what you created?

So you did that thing.  

The thing that terrifies you.


The thing that bares your soul to other human beings. Possibly strangers. Even worse, friends and family.


That thing that is your creative expression: what you made, practiced, wrote, painted, shared.


No matter what people thought or how brilliant it was, you might be thinking:


“After it was finished? I hated it! I couldn’t stand to listen to it. I thought it was the worst piece of garbage I’d ever heard.”


That, my friends, is a quote by none other than Bruce Springsteen in reference to his 1975 hit album Born To Run that launched him into stardom.  According to this awesome article he didn’t even want to release the album.


And he’s not alone.


It’s a common feeling for artists and creators of all kinds to run into a wave of despair and self-doubt and criticism after completing a project.


I certainly did it bigtime after my TEDx talk. And as I’ve been speaking to my clients in the aftermath of the Creative Fridays Showcase, almost everyone felt like they didn’t do their best or would’ve changed something or made it better somehow.


Contrary to their self-criticism, from my perspective they were all brilliant and brought me to tears. Hearing the audience feedback I realized that it wasn’t just my motherly-filter thinking so… People were moved, touched, inspired by these incredible women baring their souls and their stories through their art.


If we all waited until it was perfect to share things, we would be choking the breath of inspiration that is so vital to our health and happiness.


There will always be room for growth and improvement, but you’ll never how far you can get unless you start somewhere.


Start with me at Creative Fridays.

Start at the next open mic you can find.

Start with your own youtube channel.

Just start. Somewhere.

Did you ever hate what you created?

Share with us in the comments below and keep creating anyway!


to tramps like us,


Creative Fridays Showcase December 2013