the myth of choosing one thing

youMaybe you’ve heard this before:

“You should just focus on one thing.”

“If you’re spread too thin, you’ll never get anything done.”


If you’re like me, this is probably a bummer to hear.


When you have multiple passions and creative interests, it can feel paralyzing to have to choose just one thing, and so often you might end up not choosing anything.


Or maybe you’re trying to do it all, but end up feeling exhausted and never fully make headway on one project.


Do either sound familiar?


Even though you might feel torn between multiple interests, I’m sure you have a bigger vision for yourself.

I’m sure somewhere inside of you there is a clear picture of the kind of lifestyle you want to live. The kind of lifestyle that gives you freedom, fulfillment, and creative license. Take a moment and access it now:


Can you see all your interests and passions living harmoniously together?


If you can’t, I assure you it’s there somewhere and only a matter of time before it becomes clear.


Take it from someone who has a long history of multiple interests and chronic indecision:


In kindergarten I wanted to be a ballerina, an astronaut, and a veterinarian.

I started multiple businesses as a kid, selling: homemade bookmarks, rocks that worked like chalk, crocheted scarves, hair wraps, and more.

When I couldn’t decide on a major in college, I transferred to a school of “individualized study” where I could create my own major.

In my adult life I have been a “food & beverage analyst,” holistic health coach, bar mitzvah dancer, bookkeeper, writer, ballet teacher, and more, with many positions overlapping in the same time frame.

I now have found a way to weave my passions together into a fulfilling, successful, and creative career. I’m not selling bookmarks anymore, but I do get to do multiple things I love, create my own schedule, and never feel boxed into “just one thing.”


Some people might argue it’s not efficient or that I could be accomplishing a lot more if I stuck to one thing.

I used to beat myself up with those thoughts all the time. But now I embrace what I’m doing as a part of who I am. And the more I do so, the more aligned opportunities come my way.

(Quick example, just to show the diversity of opportunities: In the past year I’ve won an essay contest, gave a TEDx talk, guided clients into creative projects and performances of their own, danced live on stage and won 3rd place in a talent show competition, and more, all while technically having 3 jobs.)


When I decided to take on a new teaching job over the holidays, I really started to reflect on all of this and realized it was time to stop wishing I had just one thing.  I identified a few key steps that have helped me along my multi-layered career unfoldings and I thought it would be cool to share them with you in a new way.


If you’re reading this email and relate to what I’m saying,

If you know it’s time to unite your passions into a lifestyle that works for you,


Then I have a really special opportunity for you.


I’m so excited to share with you 3 important steps that have changed my life and that have the potential to be a serious game-changer for you in the new year.

Spread too thin?

3 steps to making multiple interests work

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 This is your opportunity to own your multiple passions and get them to work for you. I won’t tell you what to choose – or even that you have to choose at all – rather, I’ll provide the structure, support, and mental space necessary to help you tap into your own intuition and creativity. You’ll walk away with a new perspective and effective tools that will help shape your future exactly as you want it to be.


In addition to sharing 3 steps to making multiple interests work for you, I’ll be announcing a special offer that’s only available to those who listen in.

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After you sign up, share with me in the comments below:

Do you struggle with multiple interests?

What would be possible if you could make them all work?


As my mom always said: When there’s a will, there’s a way.


I believe in you.


To creating your own way,