change starts from what's already in you


truth be told,

the wait is over.

be inspired.



give a light to inspire

express your natural gift artfully



get pumped




own it!

This is my version of magnetic poetry, which came from a pile of magazines and discovering the message that I’m living and sharing. My coach Joanna guided us through the process at a recent retreat and it was so awesome I had share it with you. If you’ve been bored with “vision boards” try a “message board” instead.


What’s great about having a clear message is that:


Your message is who you are already.

It’s how you live.

It’s what you believe.

It’s what people come to you for.

It’s how you connect with people.


Your message is fluid, just as you are, so don’t be scared to commit because you can always change it.


What’s most important is that you own it - just as it is and just as you are now.

Whether you have no jobs or 4 jobs,

Whether you write/speak/dance/paint/sing for yourself or for an audience of thousands,

Don’t stop being your message.

Don’t stop being you.


What I’ve learned is that I don’t need to completely quit everything in my life if I’m feeling stuck. The key for me has been to bring out more of my message in everything I do, and the circumstances will naturally adjust or fall away to match me where I’m at. That's how change happens.


So this Friday - or this weekend, depending on when you’re reading this - take a moment to get clear on your message.

Ask yourself:

What do I believe in?

What do I most want to share with the world?

What keeps me going when the going gets tough?


Share your answers in the comments below for brownie points and the chance to get valuable feedback.


Owning your message is so important, especially when you have multiple interests and passions. If you’re in that zone, be sure to tune in to next week’s virtual workshop on making multiple interests work for you. I’ll be sharing 3 concrete steps that will help you clarify, prioritize, and make shit happen. Because a creative life is a happy life. In my humble opinion.


Til then, stay cozy and be true.


getting pumped,