7 sites for creative summer inspiration

Do you ever get into the habit of clicking through to interesting articles or websites, and then not actually reading them right away? Instead, you leave the tabs open and plan to go back to them later?


Does your Google Chrome or Firefox looks something like this?


I get a certain comfort knowing that these websites are there for me, but I get in a terrible habit of taking way too long to actually go through and read them. But I'm reading them now, and they are way too good to keep to myself.


So, I thought it would be fun to share with you a bunch of the sites that are open right now on my browser - only the ones that I think you’ll find interesting, too.


(And a holiday weekend is a perfect time to let your ADD run wild on your smart phone while you’re sitting on the beach… or doing whatever you’re doing.)


Check out the titles and click through to whatever suits your fancy:



I discovered this fantastic free photo editing site through Laura Roeder’s blog. Ever wonder how people make those awesome photos with quotes on top of them that go all over Instagram and Facebook? It’s probably PicMonkey. It’s awesome, and I’ll give you fair warning that it can be addictive and get you sucked into spending way more time than you intended because of how cool their graphics and fonts are. (I created the banner for my dance show on PicMonkey today!)


Dance Films Association

I’m so psyched that I somehow got on their mailing list, because DFA continues to surprise me with cool events and happenings in the dance film world. Including an upcoming open submission call for Dance On Camera 2015! (Dance-makers, check it out.)


Forever A Dancer

When I serendipitously discovered this blog through Twitter one late night, I knew that I had come upon a kindred spirit. Janet L. Castillo is a dance visionary who created this website to respond to, in her words, “the growing need for more motivation, inspiration, and 'outside-of-the' box' ideas within the dance community.” Amen. I wrote to her and was thrilled to get interviewed for a post, which you can read here. Check out the other inspiring stories and get connected to this dance-positive community!


Summer Mason Jar Recipes  

Yum. Well & Good compiled some awesome recipes here that you can creatively concoct into mason jars, instead of that grimey plastic tupperware you know you’ve been reusing for way too  long.


"Never say this again…” from Social Triggers

This is where I’ve been getting some awesome marketing advice from lately. Derek Halpern reminds me of my best guy friend from New Jersey with the blunt way he talks, and I always find something really valuable and immediately useful from what he shares. Check out his stuff. (For the record Derek is a New Yorker, and something tells me he wouldn’t be pleased if somehow he got mistaken for being from the Dirty Jerz. So had to add that in.)


Travel Tips from Danielle LaPorte

If you plan on traveling this summer, I highly recommend checking out this post. I’ve been doing much more traveling than I ever have before and am so thrilled to implement some of these tips and tricks, including finally getting a neck pillow. Danielle is also full of inspiration and creative tools that give big impact, so if you haven't yet gotten hooked on her stuff, I suggest you do so.


Swan Canal: a dance show 

And finally, the page I've been editing which happily shares the debut of my dance show this fall! You can read the details, if for no other reason than to check out my fancy PicMonkey-created banner as mentioned above ;)




Which was most helpful for you?

What's on your browser?

Share anything inspiring, insightful, funny, or creative in the comments below and let's keep the good stuff flowing!