an exercise for finding clarity


We’re at the midpoint of the year and approaching a full moon tomorrow. In honor of that, I have a fun assignment for you:


Think back to where you were on January 1st of this year. If you keep a journal or have a calendar or planner, dive in and dig up that date to jog your memory.


What were your goals and aspirations back then?

Are you living up to them now?

What has shifted?


Disclaimer: This is not about judging yourself for not sticking to resolutions or getting down on yourself for not doing more.


This is about clarity.


It’s the perfect time to launch into the fullness of what you desire.

It’s the perfect time to let go of any remaining shackles that are holding you back.


You can’t do either unless you’re clear and honest with yourself about what’s happening now.


Get your notebook out and do some writing.

Put on music and dance off whatever is holding you back.


If you’re in NYC, hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow where we can dance and write together.


If I don’t see you tomorrow, let me know how I can help:

Leave a reply in the comments below and tell me:

  • what you’re wanting most in your life right now
  • what are the things holding you back.

Remember, clarity opens doors.


And in keeping with this theme, I’ll leave you with a Creative Fridays post from January, in hopes that it reminds you of your truth.


Keep creating your life or something else will create it for you.

with moonlit messages,