doubt & fear are real, but so is this.

Here’s what I shared on Facebook yesterday:


There are 27 tickets left for the New York’s Got Talent finals on Tuesday. I don’t really want you to come to the show because I’m terrified. I’m doubting my vision, scared of being criticized, and want to hide in a ditch.


But I’ve shared my creative work enough times to know that this is all part of the process.

NYGT rehearsal jess grippo

I know that the intention behind what I’m creating is far more powerful than the doubts and fears that want me to stop.


I know that I have no control over people’s perceptions of my artwork, that I will be criticized, but I need to do it anyway (because there might be just one single person in the audience who will be inspired or touched by what I have to share.)


I know that my heart and soul speak much louder than the running tapes in my mind that tell me it’s all pointless and I suck.


And I know that if I don’t invite you to be there on Tuesday, I’ll regret it...

And here’s what else I’ll add -

The doubts and fears are so so real…. Here’s what’s been helping me stay true to my creative vision, despite them:


  1. Taking inspiration from artists I admire, remembering that we ALL have doubts, even Beyonce. This video from Danielle LaPorte was key for me.


  1. Staying connected to the PURPOSE and MESSAGE of my artwork. Remembering it’s about something much bigger than me.  i.e. the healing power of dance and creativity, transformation, discovering our true selves and authentic womanhood in a world with so many conflicting messages, bringing dance back into our lives in a unique and powerful way. Taking a stand for a world where women’s bodies and creativity are highly valued. Paving the way for future generations of dancers. (You get the point ;)


  1. Seeking help; not doing it alone. This one took me a long time to learn - and I’m still learning it: It’s ok to ask for help. It’s actually quite necessary if you want to put your creative work out into the world in real ways. After a semi-meltdown, I reached out and brought on a director for the piece, as well as friends and colleagues who are supporting in various ways. Makes ALL the difference.


Hoping this reminds you to keep going through the doubts and stay true to whatever your creative visions may be.


I have no idea what’s going to happen on that stage or after on Tuesday evening, but that part is not in my control.


And what happens with your creative work after you share is not in your control either.


We have to trust, express, and release.



Props to YOU and everyone out there who is taking a courageous leap and sharing your work in whatever capacity you choose.


We are all in this together.


As Chani Nicholas shared in this week’s full moon forecast:


“it takes great courage to follow the visions that we receive, especially when they lie outside of the realms of what tradition dictates.”


from my courageous heart to yours,


p.s. If you’d like to join me live for the show on Tuesday, here’s the link!

Either way, I’ll send an update in next week’s Creative Fridays about the outcome.