top picks for creative summer reading & adventures

In follow up to my email last week about making August about renewal and integration, I thought you might be thirsty for some creative inspiration to support your process.

(because taking things IN is so necessary if we want to put OUT our expression, work, and projects into the world.)


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I’m also opening the gates for one more day to the special rate on my Find Your Rhythm program, since I’m on vacation and feeling generous :)

The first 3 sections are all about helping you make the space, fill your well, and slow down enough to create from an authentic and inspired place.

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In no particular order, here some of the resources that have been filling my well and that I thought might fill yours, too (creatively, that is) →  


Love Your Lady Landscape.

love your lady landscapeI’ve had a lady crush on Lisa Lister for a long time now - I so appreciate her down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is, deeply soulful yet still filled with humor approach to women’s health. It’s a must-read for anyone with a vagina, and those who love them. Because our health and connection to our natural rhythms within are essential for a thriving creative practice. p.s. I’m honored to actually be IN THIS BOOK, too! On page 69 you’ll find me, talking about Dance Breaks as part of the “Feel It To Heal It” chapter. Click here to get it


worthy untame yourself

Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth.

By Nancy Levin, another she-ro who I’ve had an admiring eye on for years. This book and this conversation of worthiness is so on point and so necessary for artists, creators, and humans of all types if we really want to be able to create and share our gifts from a fulfilled and authentic place, without the “starving artist” persona. Click here to get it

Untame Yourself.

For a dose of wildness, boldness, and inspiration, I highly recommend Elizabeth Dialto’s podcast and book. I heart this woman. She’s hilarious and deep at the same time. Her tools and tips on love and relationships have personally helped me immensely. (She’s very transparent about her own process in an effort to share the gems and spread the love.) And her podcast interviews are off the hook.  Click here to get the book


Still Life With Woodpecker.

still life with woodpeckerI’m returning to this book years later, because I realized a. I had never actually finished reading it, and b. Tom Robbins’ style of humor, kookiness, and magical love stories never gets old for me. Plus, in this book the chapter sections are separated by the phases of the moon. #mykindofbook Click here to get it





Madcap Factory.

100 hours projectMolly Sonsteng is the creative brains behind this factory full of adventures and memorable events, dedicated to the advancement of play. Madcap Factory was one of the sponsors for the Creative D’Answers retreat, gifting each of us cards from their 100 Hours Project.


Among their other creative adventures that you can partake in:


First Time Out, a NYC-based variety show that gives performers a safe space to try out a new talent or something creative for the first time.


Inconspicuous Games, field games played in secret in high traffic landmarks (Grand Central, Met Museum, for example). They are a really great way to engage with strangers and make new friends.


Check out all the offerings at



Another amazing retreat sponsor that we are so grateful exists, Daybreaker has created a real movement of dance parties at dawn - and at dusk. Conscious community. Wellness. Self-expression. Mindfulness, as well as a little Mischief. What more could you ask for? Join a party here.


Dr. Nitin Ron & The Neuroscience of Meditation.

nitin ron and jess grippoThis will probably be the subject of an upcoming Creative Fridays post, but the short story of it is that I met Dr. Nitin Ron while waiting underground for the F train, where he proceeded to read my palm, give me a meditation mantra, and overall uplift me from a down mood. When he’s not reading palms, he’s saving babies, climbing Mount Everest, and giving tours at the Rubin Museum in NYC. I’m now lucky and grateful to call him a friend and to have had him as a guest speaker at our recent dance retreat. He’s hosting an upcoming seminar on the Neuroscience of Meditation which you can read about and join here via his Facebook page. If you’re not in or near NYC, here’s a link to a recent radio interview.

What are you favorite reads and adventures this summer? Comment below and tell us!


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