why August is the most important month for your creative soul

We’ve hit upon a very significant month for your creative life. It starts with August 1st, in traditional pagan cultures known as Lammas, or the festival of first fruits. It’s when we start to see the hints of the harvest that is to come in the fall. It’s a last chance reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • If what’s popping up in your life now is NOT what you are truly wanting, then now is the time to do some letting go and shifting.


  • If what’s popping up IS what you are wanting, and wanting more of, then now is the time to cultivate THAT stuff.


  • If you’ve been too busy to even reflect on what’s happening and how you’re feeling inside, then it’s DEFINITELY time to slow the F down and make some space - before you busy yourself into burnout and miss out on the glory of one of the most magical months of the year.

output_Waw3npAugust is the ultimate month of transition and creative renewal. While life slows down and the harvest continues to grow, we have the opportunity to take a few steps back and recuperate, get re-inspired, get reacquainted with what really matters. The more you do this, the more powerful and aligned your fall season will be.

So consider this your reminder to make that space for yourself. Come home to yourself. Be with yourself. Dance and write and search your soul and allow the creative muses to dance their way through you.

And if you sense it might be easier said than done to do all that –

(because let’s face it, you’re going to close up this post and move onto the next one really soon)  -

I invite you to keep reading and join me for a special opportunity, available this month only. It’s about committing to the flow, health, and sanity of this one precious creative life you’ve got.

What I’ve learned over the years and continue to practice is that the answers we most desire cannot be accessed at the level of our mind only.

Our BODIES -  the heart, the gut, the intuitive vibrations and inner fires that get stoked – are what truly guide us, if we are willing to listen and are willing to take the ACTION necessary to cultivate this listening.

(i.e. stop thinking about it and start getting bodied, as Beyonce would say.)

A couple of years ago, on the calm end of some of the biggest transitions I’ve gone through in my life and relationships, I created a program that brought together a sequence of body based practices and soul-opening teachings that helped me navigate the changes of life and, in the process, get the clarity and confidence I needed to move forward with my business and creative ideas.

I’m once again returning to these practices and teachings during this transition period of August and there are spaces open for you to join me.

If you’re:

  • in transition with your career, creativity, or life at large
  • wanting to make a transition but are feeling stuck and haven’t quite figured out how to get out of the funk
  • juggling many ideas, interests, and passions and often stop yourself from moving forward because you are not sure what to focus on…


It’s time to Find Your Rhythm – in your body and in your life.

For this month only, until  August 31st, I’m making this 6-week life-changing, creatively-empowering program available with 3 added bonuses:


  1. A live Q&A call with me for personalized attention and guidance on your life and creativity.
  2. Full access to my 7-day Cut The Crap cleanse program for unblocking any physical/health impediments to your creative flow.
  3. The option to add on private coaching sessions with me.

You’ll also get guided 6 weeks of at-home dance videos, coaching lessons, meditations, and more to guide you to more clarity, focus, and confidence in your creative work and life.

It’s about dancing into the answers and making stuff happen from an aligned and authentic place.

Get access here: http://jessgrippo.com/find-your-rhythm/

Why I am giving so much and making all of this available to you now?

For one, it comes from my genuine desire to make this work available to more people, especially during such an auspicious month. I sense deep down in my gut that making a commitment to your creative self and to making space for it now will move the needle in BIG ways later on this year. I’m in that zone and I want more people to join me in it.

Another reason is that there are some changes that will be happening over here in Jess Grippo Creations world, in service of bringing you the best possible creative content I can. (After all, I’m committed to talking the talk and dancing the dance, not just telling you to do it ;)

I’ll be retiring this Find Your Rhythm program after August in order to make space and create focus for other things on the horizon. (So this month is essentially your last chance to take part in it. [Gasp!])

One of the things I’ve been realizing is that even though I LOVE creating new things and want to take ideas right away and launch them into reality (which I often do), it’s actually more effective and has the potential to reach more people if I actually focus on and cultivate one thing at a time.

I realized that even though I want to make everything I’ve ever created available on my slice of the internet for all of time, it’s going to serve more people if I narrow it down.

(Interesting how the very program that I’ll be taking a break from offering is designed to create even more focus and alignment in your creative life. It’s so meta. And so perfect and timely.)

So alas, this is the going away party special for a program that’s near and dear to my heart, that’s helped many dozens of people create big change in their lives, and that is fun and impactful all rolled into one.

It’s time to surrender to the ever-moving streams of transition this month. If you want a life preserver for the ride to keep you afloat, Find Your Rhythm has your back. (And I do, too ;)

Click here to sign up and claim your bonuses: http://jessgrippo.com/find-your-rhythm/

I’ll be welcoming you in with dance bells on.

love + dance for the journey, Jess

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