getting back to joy, dance-video style

You’re feeling:


Stuck inbetween.

Seeing what needs to change but not quite there yet.


So you:

Think about it.

Try to figure it out.

Spend lots of time contemplating what to do next.


And then you:

Get frustrated.

Repeat the cycle of feeling restless and stuck.

Get more annoyed with yourself.


Does this pattern sound familiar?

I’ve been there in recent weeks and here’s what I had to remember:


Making a dance video is more productive than thinking.


[Insert your equivalent of dance videos if dance isn’t your thing]


Get back to your dance.

Get back to your joy.

Do those things that are just pure silly and fun, and watch it renew your energy.


In my experience yesterday, I channeled my restless energy into a going for a run with a mission. A dance video mission:


Did the dance video solve all my problems? No. But it did help me constructively move through the pattern I was in that had been making me annoyed and frustrated and suppressing my energy. It got me out of my head, back to my joy, and much more able to handle the other life and work tasks at hand.


In short:

The path to feeling renewed, clear and confident is often as simple as making a dance video.

Go do it!


To your joy,



p.s. I know it’s not always easy to get back to your joy and your dance alone, which is why I have 2 offerings for you today - 1 is my Dance Into Your Answers workshop, happening next week, all about getting back to your self-expression and physical movement so that you can move into the answers you’ve been craving and feel more purpose in life:danswers

And 2 is Soul Camp happening in August, which I'll be teaching at alongside a roster some of the most amazing and inspiring humans I know. Click through for the details.

soul camp dance

I hope you’ll join me at one or both!

p.p.s. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or just want to share something. I like hearing from you. I’m not too busy. You won’t be bothering me. This is my life. Just do it.

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