how to start a movement

A bit of transparency with a purpose today, friends -


As much as I love Flashdance, I'm not a flashy person. I don't have a huge mailing list. I don't have an agent or manager. I don't have employees. I don't have funding. I don't have anything that's running my business aside from my heart, soul, sweat, tears, and (often overthinking) brain that gets fueled by the dances I create.


NYs Got Talent FinaleSomehow though, there are people out there who have discovered my work and actually benefit from it, who read my blog most weeks, who join my dance programs, and who believe in the same kind of values that I do. If you’re reading this now, I’m pretty sure you’re one of them ;)


I'm in awe of these people who have found even an ounce of inspiration or motivation from something I shared. (Really, you exist?!?) I'm so grateful for them. I’m so grateful for YOU! You make my soul dance. Knowing you’re out there makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and keep going, even when it feels pointless and when I'm mired by the stress of trying to live as a freelancer/business owner in NYC.


Perhaps you can relate. And that’s kind of the point of this blog post.


Maybe you, too, have been creating something dear to your heart or have dreams to do so.


Maybe you, too, have felt pointless, inadequate, or silly at times for sharing yourself.


Maybe you, too, have felt a spark of something small that has the potential to grow into something big.


If so, it’s my intention that a nugget of this story will be valuable to you.


This week I realized that the dance work I've been doing and building slowly over the past 7 years is becoming something bigger. It’s becoming a movement, if you will.


11692742_853617588055952_8675611437121069989_n (1)Hearing from the women who have been in my programs for the last year or more, I was deeply touched and inspired to see just how much the You Can Dance Again (YCDA) community has impacted their life - not only with dance, but with their career, relationships, and overall sense of fulfillment. With the support of the program, these women have not only started dancing again and integrated it into their lives (including creating home dance practices, taking classes, choreographing, performing, starting their own dance classes and YouTube channels, etc.) but they have also left soul-sucking jobs, got way more confident and self-expressed, and took a stand for their own happiness and fulfillment, which has uplifted their husbands, wives, children, and communities. And so much more.


I'm excited and honored to continue growing this community, with these very women who have been part of the movement thus far. I’m often in awe that they exist.


7 years ago when I posted my first low-quality, homemade dance video, I had no idea that my career would eventually be an extension of it. I didn’t know there were other people out there who would also want to make dance videos with me and be part of a movement.


What’s coming this year and beyond is way bigger than I could have imagined: creating a team to work with, publishing a book, hosting my first dance retreat, expanding my programming, and reaching people internationally with my work. (Hello, Germany!)


Though I’m often still plotting and dancing alone in my half-office/half-bedroom in Brooklyn, and though I’m often wondering how the hell I am actually able to pay my rent each month to keep that half-office/half-bedroom intact, there are finally signs of growth and expansion. There are finally other people who see the vision, too, and want to be part of it.


And it literally started with a dance video.


Anything is possible.


If YOU have a vision for creating your own kind of movement or community, here's what I learned:


You don't need a ton of money or fame to grow something that is authentic and meaningful to you. You don’t need to purchase the program that tells you how to make $100k in your first month of business. You don’t need to do what Sally Sue is doing. In fact, you don’t need to do anything that feels forced or inauthentic to you.


You just need to start doing it and sharing it from your heart and commit to staying consistent. Even when it seems like no one cares. Because someone does. And one person caring or being inspired or believing in you has the potential to move mountains.


(Oh, and you probably need a day-job in the meantime, because who wants to put undue pressure on their dreams to pay the bills right away? There’s nothing wrong with a day job and it doesn’t negate the passion, purpose, and power that you have to create what you truly want for this world. It might just make it more possible.)


Follow the creative impulses within you, do and share the small things now, and with patience and persistence they just might blossom into a movement you never expected.


And if you or someone you know has been craving a dance community specifically, I have something for you.

you can dance again hugI realized that one of the reasons why women joined You Can Dance Again and keep coming back is because they want to be part of something. They don't just want to drop into a random dance class once a week to get a workout. They want to walk into a studio and feel a sense of relief, they want to have an outlet to release the emotions and things that are too deep for words, they want to learn from someone who has been in their shoes, and they want to connect with a group of women who truly get it.


I haven’t formally marketed the program yet, (not that I ever “formally” market anything ;) but there are 11 women registered so far in the current summer session of You Can Dance Again, 8 here in NYC, and 3 from other parts of the world. Many of whom are returning for the second, third, and fourth times. (That’s how good it is ;)


When I was thinking about ways to share this with more people who could benefit from it, the thought crossed my mind that if you’re new to this program or working with me, maybe committing to a whole summer might be a bit much at once.


So I created a short and sweet summer kick-off session starting June 20th. You might get just what you need from it and move on afterwards, or you might feel so at home with us that you want to keep going and continue for the rest of the summer and up til our Showcase in September.


Check out the details here and see if it's for you:


So with all that said, I would love to hear from you -


What kind of movement are you creating or do you want to find?

What keeps you going or stops you in your tracks?


And of course if you have any questions or thoughts to share about the YCDA program I’d be more than happy to talk to you.


Reach out or comment below.


to your sweat, soul, and dancing dreams,


p.s. In line with this whole message, check out the amazing dancers who were part of the last YCDA program: